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May 29, 2018 by Fendi
I'm so sorry Paige54/ IAmRemedy that you had to pay someone real cash money (yep, real cash) for them to shoot me out of hunger, and you couldn't do it yourself.

Money well spent, I guess? I hope you can win that game after spending your monthly allowance on me.


Sent by Chic,May 29, 2018
I think paige54 is aquaria LMFAO Paige doesn't take this site seriously at all
Sent by peace123,May 29, 2018
TEA Peace123

I'm not playing hunger on my account, but this is honestly such a mood because even if it was I don't spend money on this game so nice try hun xx
Sent by Paige54,May 29, 2018
what's really "sad" is the fact you had your own multi leave a comment on this blog lmfao
Sent by maturo,May 29, 2018
omg is this for real ?
Sent by iamremedy,May 29, 2018
I think iamremedy is aquaria LMFAO Jeddie doesn't take this site seriously at all only me ;)
Sent by ParvatiS,May 29, 2018

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