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Duos I would like to see on

12thJul 26, 2021 by FelipeS
Stars: Dynamic Duos season TWO

Marilise & AliBonico
ParvatiS & Guigi
xCelestex & Jenii_Valenta
Abrogated & Thirteen
_Matt & Hunty
ElectraViv & Jenzie
Seana86 & Clueliz
Chandelier & Tokio
Maxi1234 & AmandaBynes
Ashleybabyx3 & Bomberv
Trishytrash & Krisharris
Kindred7 & Cheritaisdelicious
Vanili & Krisstea
Icing & Tofutime
Randomize & Gagaluv


snooze fest
Sent by melindaMrskk,Jul 26, 2021
I was gonna sue you if I wasn’t on this list
Sent by Kindred7,Jul 26, 2021
You and masta missing
Or chic and masta
Sent by brightongal,Jul 26, 2021
Ohhh yes
Sent by AliBonico,Jul 26, 2021
Me and vancouver_grizzlies
Sent by 3pi14159,Jul 26, 2021
brightongal yes I was just trying to avoid the special stars repeats, gaga & mize are just there  for the lolz
Sent by FelipeS,Jul 26, 2021
I’m dead most of these ppl applied with someone else or didn’t apply at all.
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 26, 2021
Sent by Jenii_Valenta,Jul 26, 2021
I would love that
Sent by Chandelier,Jul 26, 2021
confused at my partner but it would be good
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,Jul 26, 2021
id love to!!! <3
Sent by _Matt,Jul 26, 2021
you forgot FelipeS & MastaManipulator_11
Sent by ParvatiS,Jul 26, 2021
eu e você..
Sent by Lukesaur,Jul 26, 2021
If only one could convince bomberv to do it, I’m down!
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Jul 26, 2021
Me and Chandelier will do that next time.
Sent by tokio,Jul 26, 2021
I would love that
Sent by gagaluv,Jul 26, 2021
erick has been my duo than ashley's tho
amirite Bomberv

and also its cause you havent seen MinieHuss in action.
Sent by Minie,Jul 27, 2021
Jenii_Valenta/ vitamin
lucinda / roughnightbro
Sent by Minie,Jul 27, 2021
No honey we have been a duo since 2014 boo minie
Sent by Ashleybabyx3,Jul 27, 2021
There was a time he dumped you for me Ashleybabyx3 and was talking so much shit lmao
I’ve lit been his #1 for like 3 years and then I got annoyed at him for something and didn’t speak to him lol
Sent by Minie,Jul 27, 2021

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