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Okay, 2021 is boring.

Jan 4, 2021 by FelipeS
SUGGESTION] Flexible filter

Hello tengaged. Since people want a bigger and useful change on the site, I came up with an improvement idea to our filter system, with more options and ways to control what we see around here. Here's what I came up with:


Minimal changes; added options to control how much time you want that user to be filtered.


New option; Users can now filter the words they don't wanna see.

example 1

Notice I added the public filter option and the personal filter option.

Personal filter: Will hide the words you filtered yourself.
Public filter: Will hide the words considered offensive and innapropriate by the server/admin

Now here's how it works:

The word ''Dumb'' was filtered by me  on exapmple 1 ( )
and I won't be able to see it anymore.


New functions that will enable the users to control what messages  they receive, more options could easily be added; better solution to spam than filtering users.

example 2


New option for the users to control what they see, giving them the option to Hide/See the media before opening it. This could potentially avoid:
-Minors seeing explicit images;
-NSFW content
-Personal triggers

example 3

Now here's how it works:

-Just like on example 3, users will be given the option to control what they see in general by selecting the options on their Media filter settings.

These changes can also be applied to your blogs. How ?

-If a user wants to blog something containing media, like gifs, images and videos, they can block it before posting their content. Everyone else that sees the blog will have to press the Hide/Show button before seeing the media.

example 4

-Users will also be able to control what people can see on their blog's comment session giving them the option to hide/see what others left as a comment.

example 5


Basically tengaged links/pages that you would like to avoid; Hide/Show button will be used.


Now here's a preview of what would the settings be with these new options

example 6

I hope you all enjoy this concept and that randomize can take a look.

FYI: I was locked out of my account so I made ANTI. Mize was aware so don't come for me.


Fly to UK to live with me and kits
Sent by Chic,Jan 4, 2021
Chic I shall.
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 4, 2021
2021 reizinho
Sent by Skarsgard,Jan 4, 2021
Skarsgard Rei enquanto o feriado durou n茅 pq, pqp...
Sent by FelipeS,Jan 4, 2021
Congrats on getting a year older.
Sent by ilovetosing,Jan 4, 2021

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