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FelipiaS is back

Jul 11, 2019 by FelipeS
This game wasn't easy for me, I came in and played hard from the beginning, specially because the word on the street when the game started was ''THERE'S A BRAZILIAN PREMADE''. At first, on day 1, nobody was really talking to me so I thought that wasn't a good sign, eeks. I pmed almost everyone asking them to vote for diamondra and barbara70, since they weren't active or had skype to communicate with the rest of the cast. Rory17 was also chatting with everybody and told me that gabrieltrezza and I were a set. Well, I think y'all know how things went lol.

Also on day 1 the other 4 brazilians made a chat and added me, and to make things clear I didn't join the game with them because I only knew Joneduardo before lol. But it is what it is, they weren't talking to anybody else besides themselves. Me and Daniel started bonding and we both made an alliance with @Volleyball12, who later brought LaCroix in.

I knew they would target the other brazilians because they weren't really speaking, so I tried as hard as I could to keep them safe or at least avoid letting 2 of them going together on the block because one way or another, they were all voting with me and would do whatever I wanted them to. Why would I cut my easy numbers off that soon in the game ? The only one I wasn't sure about was GabrielTrezza.

Further in the game, with some inside scoop from my other alliance, I got some info about what was going on and I knew the directions the votes were going to take, which lead me to Start flipping and splitting the votes, specially with  mathboy9's help, so it would be easier for me to get rid of my fellow brazilians without looking as suspicious as I should LOL.

Anyways, I played a ''soap'' game, making sure my ass was safe every round, and sliding my way to the end, even though it was necessary for me to lie to make it happen. And oh, it worked pretty damn well.

@Castmates, I'm sorry if your feelings were hurt because of my gameplay, but at the end of the day Stars is an individual game, and I was only loyal to myself.

My nom sets :
Diamondra vs barbara70
Survivor_season1 vs rollingderp
barbara70 vs rollingderp
AlanDuncan vs Rory17
rollingderp vs turkeylover
alanduncan vs mbarnish1
rollingderp vs lacroix
AlanDuncan vs daniel
Volleyball2 vs Lacroix
Traquinas vs GabrielTrezza
Mathboy9 vs Lacroix
Traquinas vs Daniel
Mathboy vs Traquinas

Now if you think I deserve to win, please vote for me ! Every vote is appreciated.


Sent by Delete2544,Jul 11, 2019

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