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Final 3 In Starsss

9thJan 18, 2020 by EyooMarcus
I did a quick audio thanking everyone that has saved me and is voting for me to win.
Love yall xo
Doing some tributes
16th Wakiza

We ever spoke in the game. We pretty much joined and were instantly target for whatever reason. You weren鈥檛 online for eviction so I think you would鈥檝e stayed if you were.

15th Tester

I don鈥檛 think I鈥檝e ever liked you or worked with you in a game. Any time I鈥檓 in a game you obsessively come after me no matter what game it is. I nominated you and smuguy and luckily you got evicted.

14th City

Honestly robbed, I think you always play stars a little cray but your eviction was tragic. Thank you for being in my alliance legend.

13th Unit
Tbh, I orchestrated your nomination. I knew that if I didn鈥檛 get you and kindly up for that dc, it wasn鈥檛 going to happen after that. Y鈥檃ll almost could鈥檝e went pretty far together. You seem pretty chill though.

12th Sawchuck

You only spoke to me when your name was mentioned. You were friends with people that didn鈥檛  like me in the game so I had to nom you. I did however wanted you to survive the poll. Robbed

11th Damo
You were aligned with the wrong people.
You were probably someone I wanted to go far with but unfortunately you didn鈥檛 care to hear anything I had to say once you made your set. Your move bit you in the butt. We could鈥檝e dominated this. Plus I鈥檓 pretty sure you nommed me hella times lol

10th Chillum

When I approached you, you thought I was trying save my ass from being nominated and that was not the case: whenever I鈥檓 in stars I ALWAYS help the new users who don鈥檛 play stars. You decided to approach me on some cocky shit so I gave you a warning and sent you packing sooner than later.

9th - smuguy
Idk how you did it but you were clearly playing a crazy social game.
I think I countered you 3 times and couldn鈥檛 get you up. I got off my ass and made a fake counter set and pushed it to those aligned with you in order to finally get your ass up lol good game.

8th Emmett
We made final 3 together before and I wanted us to make final 3 again but ROBBED AF. You鈥檙e always loyal and never listen to what any bitch has to say.
People don鈥檛 know the difference between sticking to a friend who will never betray you vs being a sheep. If you would鈥檝e went against me, they would鈥檝e got you up sooner.

7th Gominai
Yo confi茅 en ti.
Pens茅 que tu estabas conmigo pero resulta que estabas jugando para los dos lados. Tenias un chat con luke y gils y me enter茅 de que me nominaste contra Emmett. Tenias el juego en tus manos, no se qu茅 pas贸.

6th Lifeiscool
Probably the worst nominaron and eviction.
You did so good for your first stars and you started on the wrong side but then quickly flipped to the good side. I kept it 100% with you at all times and didn鈥檛 feed you bullshit like the others did *looks at the others in finals*. Thank you for being a good ally.

5th Gilsgirl

I got cha! Hey boo boo kitty! You couldn鈥檛 keep up the good fight huh.
All of that shit talking for what? You and chillum were very delusional for some reason. You managed to make it to final 5 so I command you for that but you鈥檙e the reason I was countered every single dc and look who made final 3 馃槝.

4th Luke
Ok you getting evicted was disgusting.
The fact that we made final 4 while joining together is so good.
People slept on our obvious final 2 duo and we could鈥檝e made final 3 had someone not use multis, blinks. Sorry for being a hot mess and getting on your nerves 90% of the time with my rants. Love you 馃槝


We worked together in a few rounds and for the most part I feel like you played an honest game with me. You鈥檙e the reason why I didn鈥檛 go up when they were desperate to get me up for 4th lol. Thanks for dealing with my flop ass in league .

Goodluck Huns. Oh if you鈥檙e wondering why I鈥檓 not doing your tribute. I don鈥檛 respect people who lie in public when they never played an honest game from the moment the walked in. You lied to almost everyone in the game so at least own up to that. It鈥檚 not bad gameplay. I guess that鈥檚 my tribute. Goodluck

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