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Spamming a blog to get negged

14thJul 13, 2019 by EyooMarcus
Won’t change the truth about what went down in stars
Bitches will lie in their speeches for saves but literally sheep me ALL game to just play the victim card now. colter deserved final 3 over eoin who literally attempted to makes moves and actually play the game.

Stop lying about a premade or about multis when chibideidara was in minority and thankfully due to multis being banned snatched everyone’s neck. Have some respect for the person who just went unnommed twice in a row and own up to the fact that you did absolutely nothing the whole game.


He is still trying to say i joined with marta when ive never spoken to marta until this game
Sent by chibideidara,Jul 13, 2019
this shit talking of me is hella old, we've had this conversation openly so many times
Sent by Eoin,Jul 13, 2019
Okay tea
Sent by mbarnish1,Jul 14, 2019

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