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  1. Join and read huns
  2. 1st Annual T-Grammy Awards!
  3. I’ll be getting a shop soon
  4. Who was the user
  5. I really want to pull out my tengaged wallet
  6. I really miss the old days
  9. Everyone pray for
  10. Read and plus!
  11. Omg
  12. I mothered you hoes
  13. I hope
  14. The haters are BIG MAD
  15. Dev winning stars
  16. Throwback to when
  17. How much are shops going for ?
  18. Congratulations
  19. Who do you think
  20. Bebe Rexhas
  21. Did y’all know that
  22. I’m not going to argue about a celebrity
  23. I’m ready to SCREAM
  24. Just so y’all know
  25. Bitch I’m a owl 🦉
  26. That’s what you get
  27. I just want to fit in :(
  28. Who was the first person to ever gift you?
  29. Has anyone
  30. If I don’t like you
  31. Who wants the hair
  32. Ima need you
  33. A lot of you bitches
  34. Who’s won
  35. Thicc Bitch
  36. I’m tired of
  37. Stars is time consuming
  38. Welcome to the winning circle
  39. A lot of these shop owners
  40. Post some cute male shit

Sisters may drive you crazy,

Nov 15, 2018 by EyooMarcus
get into your stuff and irritate you. However, if anyone else dares say so, a sister will defend you to the death.

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