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  1. Imagine thinking
  2. Ima be on my
  3. Slams ass into the splits
  4. Avatar
  5. Someone teach me
  6. PYN
  7. Stop sleeping on
  9. Happy birthday sis
  10. This site
  11. Don’t listen to the trolls
  12. I dont usually support trash
  13. What cha think?
  14. the guy holding me
  15. gift me sexually explicit < 3
  16. The only person
  17. No title
  18. Imagine joining with a premade
  19. My friend bailed out on me
  20. Billie
  21. A lot of people
  22. Thanks to Gagaluv
  23. Hey y’all
  24. Why are y’all making vlogs
  25. Doing a Stars Cast Assessment
  26. Why should he win stars ?
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  29. I mothered you hoes
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  31. No title
  32. Ask Dev
  33. I seriously hate Jacquees
  34. someone play aram w me c:
  35. I have a new tengaged show
  36. yas babyyyy
  37. I want a hijab
  38. No title
  39. I just bodybagged daddydev
  40. I miss you

Every final 3 poll I vote on

Sep 23, 2018 by EyooMarcus
Is based on who went up the least/has a good speech to back up their game.
Only way I won’t vote someone that played amazing is if I hate them.

Throwback to when I dominated this stars


The were maaaaaaaaad
Sent by Holder,Sep 23, 2018
Or if they are me duh you always save me
Sent by Thumper91,Sep 23, 2018

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