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  1. 馃
  2. The new Ariana Grande song
  3. Omg
  4. I wrote this in 2013
  5. No one
  6. Kiss me
  7. Has anyone heard the song
  8. Happy New Year
  9. What color do you see ?
  10. I went to mcdonalds today
  11. Why is this
  12. Here is the bloopers
  13. Y鈥檃ll are both ugly
  14. Any of my friends
  15. Do I gift random people?
  16. I love you
  17. I need more straight friends irl
  18. Theres no better feeling than
  19. Merry Christmas
  20. Welcome to the winning circle hun !
  21. Alexa
  22. Happy birthday to me
  23. What does loyalty mean to you?
  24. I just watched Valentina lip sync
  25. Look at that
  26. Good afternoon babies
  27. No title
  28. Guess the user
  29. I got nommed against
  31. Thanks for the gift
  32. Wanna know what scuffs my timbs?
  33. My avi
  34. Meow
  35. If a bitch get slick
  36. I want to rub your head
  37. Its a good week
  38. Came thru dripping!
  39. Hosting Pink Box tonight
  40. Witness me getting 2nd

Even though

Sep 23, 2018 by EyooMarcus
The .es users treated me poorly I do feel bad that all of their tengaged memories got wiped away by the disgusting rat randomize


me too its kind of really shitty...
Sent by BB5lover,Sep 23, 2018
lmao "rat
Sent by kyoot,Sep 23, 2018

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