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  1. Y’all wouldn’t believe this
  2. I don’t like being filtered
  3. I lost my voice
  4. Ima need
  5. I want to thank jesus
  6. Cupcakke > Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim
  7. Rip
  8. Poor Eddie
  9. Is it weird
  10. I wish I had the energy
  11. I joined stars with Corey
  12. I don’t want to work today :(
  13. Lmfao
  14. Anyone else
  15. I’m shaking
  16. Mood in stars
  17. How tff
  18. Whoever made this outfit
  19. Me going to shops
  20. In regards to lemjam6 winning
  21. I’m shaking
  22. So my last diss track
  23. Every time I’m in stars
  24. Congrats BABYYYY
  25. Bitch I’m GAGGED
  26. You’re really reaching
  27. Sneak Peek
  28. We got a whole multi
  29. #1 song on TengagedTunes atm
  30. Bishhhhh
  31. Rip to the people
  32. This is so weird lol
  33. If we all stand together
  34. I’m here for you Brazil 🇧🇷
  35. Someone could be posting porn
  36. who wants
  37. FLOP ass bitch lmao
  38. I swear
  39. Listen to my fighterman/dev diss track

I hope

Sep 20, 2018 by EyooMarcus
Kaycee sends mangela packing so Rachel can laugh her tits off when she sees her.


didnt Rachel post a pic on ig with Angela saying shes not mad anymore
Sent by joe1110,Sep 20, 2018

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