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  1. 01302016 Te Amo
  2. I miss my baby
  3. I got a gangsta aura
  4. Shoutout
  5. They hate facts
  6. A lot of trans
  7. 2 spots left in frooks
  8. Lady Gaga - Paparazzi
  9. Who wants the chun li eyes
  10. I want to gift those eyes
  11. Me and Ween
  12. I’m fucking crying
  13. Check out my new song
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  15. Dropped another banger LOLL
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  17. Thank you baby ❤️❤️
  18. Can someone mention
  19. If you’re my sister
  20. RANT
  21. Who’s trying to join hunger with me
  22. Does anyone know anything about computers lol
  23. I dead ass got a text while at work
  24. Can you be racist towards a white person ?
  25. Aileen Wournos
  26. Bitches with Obama phones
  27. It’s sad how fucked the system is
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  29. Ever had a friend
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  37. Bebe Rexha
  38. BBC >TBC
  39. You know who pops the most shit?
  40. Kiss the ring

I honestly think

17thJun 19, 2018 by EyooMarcus
ity990 / city is retarded
he removed me on skype and tagged me in a blog hoping me and my family get shot for 0 reason lmao.

seek help hun.


yup he went fully bonkers
Sent by Arris,Jun 19, 2018
Sent by GiGi10,Jun 19, 2018
I was attacked for this blog

when I was speaking about the people making fun of his death.

Sent by EyooMarcus,Jun 19, 2018
EyooMarcus I think you're retarded for not understanding I wasn't actually talking about you.

I'm sorry for getting confused and tagging you, but the message was specifically to those who disrespected X, not just those on the list, and definitely a ton of people off of it.
Sent by CiTy,Jun 21, 2018

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