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  1. I used nair
  2. I dissed
  3. That's The Gag - 2beastly Diss (Snippet Audio)
  4. Go to the HOF
  5. People acting like
  6. Ayo fattieIDAH
  7. Since im the best stars winner
  9. Im a winnar babyyyy
  10. Real quick because im feeling cute and nice
  11. OMG LMAO
  12. Guess my final percentage in stars
  13. ❤️Final 3 In Stars ⭐️
  14. Final 3 After 4 Years
  15. Who wants the varsity jacket?
  16. Me when brosky backstabbs me
  17. These are
  18. All im going to say is
  19. Nominated for 5th in staws.
  20. Im honestly cackling
  21. Hopefully
  22. Make tengaged great again..
  23. Me at people saying
  24. Idgaf who gets banned
  25. Thank fucking god
  26. Ca-Ca-Can't let a f-boy eff up my nice vibes
  27. Never forget
  28. One of the best Gaga songs < 3
  29. Never been the type
  30. Happy Birthday bby <3
  31. I've always been that stars player
  32. Anyone else have this problem ?
  33. Aggravated
  34. Are you named after anyone?
  35. Anyone wanna be my sugar baby ?
  36. How do people know
  37. Tengaged Yearbook Superlatives
  38. Is it acceptable
  39. Why Iggy Azalea had to snap like that?
  40. Will never understand

That is so sweet

Jun 18, 2018 by EyooMarcus
Thank you for the lovely gift and for being the 100th gift of mine < 3


a detail, I wanted to have with you, because you were so kind to me to give me my first design, that I now had an opportunity to be able to reciprocate with a lot of love. and I am also proud that my gift is your 100th gift. I hope you like it.
Sent by marcos3,Jun 19, 2018

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