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  1. When you survive
  2. I know that it breaks your heart
  3. Ayo
  4. Let y’all not forget
  5. Move in with me
  6. Come join survivor w me
  7. Made an appearance
  8. Hope you’re ok ♥️
  9. I support
  10. He wanna freak
  11. DaddyDev
  12. POP2
  13. Janice Freeman
  14. Hard work pays off
  15. Good morning
  16. Bloodline
  17. I want to visit Brazil
  18. Tori Kelly
  19. I’ve learned that
  20. My life
  21. Every time I miss stars
  22. People gotta stop
  23. 🦋
  24. The new Ariana Grande song
  25. Omg
  26. I wrote this in 2013
  27. No one
  28. Kiss me
  29. Has anyone heard the song
  30. Happy New Year
  31. What color do you see ?
  32. I went to mcdonalds today
  33. Why is this
  34. Here is the bloopers
  35. Y’all are both ugly
  36. Any of my friends
  37. Do I gift random people?
  38. I love you
  39. I need more straight friends irl
  40. Theres no better feeling than

That is so sweet

Jun 18, 2018 by EyooMarcus
Thank you for the lovely gift and for being the 100th gift of mine < 3


a detail, I wanted to have with you, because you were so kind to me to give me my first design, that I now had an opportunity to be able to reciprocate with a lot of love. and I am also proud that my gift is your 100th gift. I hope you like it.
Sent by marcos3,Jun 19, 2018

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