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  1. I really miss the old days
  4. Everyone pray for
  5. Read and plus!
  6. Omg
  7. I mothered you hoes
  8. I hope
  9. The haters are BIG MAD
  10. Dev winning stars
  11. Throwback to when
  12. How much are shops going for ?
  13. Congratulations
  14. Who do you think
  15. Bebe Rexhas
  16. Did y’all know that
  17. I’m not going to argue about a celebrity
  18. I’m ready to SCREAM
  19. Just so y’all know
  20. Bitch I’m a owl 🦉
  21. That’s what you get
  22. I just want to fit in :(
  23. Who was the first person to ever gift you?
  24. Has anyone
  25. If I don’t like you
  26. Who wants the hair
  27. Ima need you
  28. A lot of you bitches
  29. Who’s won
  30. Thicc Bitch
  31. I’m tired of
  32. Stars is time consuming
  33. Welcome to the winning circle
  34. A lot of these shop owners
  35. Post some cute male shit
  36. Support viv
  37. Daisy > Peach
  38. Pink box ?
  39. GoodKaren
  40. Who should I send in stars gals

I love how

Jun 18, 2018 by EyooMarcus
DanielKennedy111 finally went offline for a day so y'all thought he auditioned for big brother. Yikes.


A real comedian would log on AFTER the cast reveal. Flop
Sent by _Adidas_,Jun 18, 2018

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