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  1. You know a bitch is really mad
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  14. People be like
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  16. Sometimes
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  19. YASSSS
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  21. Whoever used multis
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  23. Nicki Minaj
  24. 0 Sympathy
  25. This is still
  26. I’ve been a Kaycee stan
  27. I snapped on trashmin
  28. Donald Trump
  29. I’m still very confused
  30. Is Kaycee
  31. They really letting
  32. I bet a rolll of pennies
  33. How’s y’all doing ?
  34. Best part about the south
  35. Interview today
  36. Wtf Ariana Grande and Bia SNAPPED
  37. No title
  38. Not shocked
  39. This Ariana Album
  40. Hey, yo Baby Bop,

Guess who

Jan 3, 2018 by EyooMarcus
I read your tarot cards and they told me she was hungry

now feed that little hoe before I make a gofundme.


feed me *opens wide*
Sent by semajdude,Jan 3, 2018
peter piper pepper ima slap that little cunt
feed her mac and cheese or ima call 911
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jan 3, 2018
if you're talking about me, I refuse to give into your games.

My resolution is to get rid of negativity out of my life, is this is a BIG pit stop.

So please...if you're trying to get my attention...don't :)
Sent by BigMamaT,Jan 3, 2018
bigmamat it was levonini blogging it
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jan 3, 2018

It's refreshing to see that levonini is STILL obsessed with me in 2018.
Sent by BigMamaT,Jan 3, 2018

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