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Im finally tv star :')

2ndJul 25, 2014 by EyooMarcus
dont know what number i am but
PYN and ill give you a compliment < 3
#bengalboy - youre soooo cuteeee and sweet and ily < 3
purplecows - youre like one of my fav people on this site and youre such a swettttttttyyyy lol
#boots22 - ive always liked you even when you get me out in a game lol youre funny :)
thumper91 - the love my life and my rod, youre such a swetttttyyy and simply the nicest person on the site besides diva1
#BigBrotherFan132 i still love your background with the giraffe < 3 youre fun to play with.
#unkown - um youre nice when you don't get defensive over bs.
#Oliviaxoxo 1 word.... queen
#jbshafer not even going to lie, that blog you made had me dyingggg irl like i was legit coughing and uhm you were nice back when we used to talk.
balloons babeeeee i miss talking to youuuuuu, you have such an amazing personality and you are simply top 5 on the tengagers that i want to meet < 3
steel - youre hot, funny, cute, hot, funny, cute, hot, cute, gay ...
lewisc ive always wanted to talk to you lol you seem like a nice guy so hmu :*
@pinkberry - its been legit forever boo. Imu, goddess.
orlando652 youre a nice guy and i still want to spam for you lol i thought you were a meanie but youre a sweety < 3
Michaelf1114 when you joined my frat... i cried :') i was excited to have someone as nice as you in my frat.
DJ4460 i love you husband < 3 youre the bae, the bae is you.
LeXXXy i like your attitude and your accent, you're a fishy queen and you got robbed in stars mama.
Meyaar i wished you loved me more than minie :'( because ily more than her, youre a nice guy < 3
sprado91 you deleted me out of no where lol but now were on the same tribe and i still think your bum is juicy.
dubstar :'( tu no me quieres, preferias que damo se quedara en survivor que yo :( pero yo se que eres un amor ;)
prince_Eric youre black and cute ;) ily
danio we need to get married asap, youre perf tbh.
koin youre such a cutie and you always help me when i need it < 3 love you
disneygeek we dont talk much but i used to like you a lot, you were nice to talk to on calls.
AllieBoBallie been on call with you several of times and you seem like a really cool gurllll.
cheapcheep i think were very similar in a lot of thing you just dont know it lol you can easily be the bae.
alaskanfiredragon - deff on my top 5 fav tengagers, youre so nice and i was supporting you hardcore in your stars lol ily and thanks for everything.
coreyants i used to hate you way back when, but like getting to know you is what got me to become close to you. You're actually pretty cool but very talkative.
jessloveee we started off coming after each other in frooks LOL but ended up going on call and getting along. Youre so cute and bubbly lmao
shyannemystik youre a nice girl and youre very calm < 3
austino15fffan youre very adorable and i think you might have a good heart lol
jenna2010 youre very mature and im sure everyone likes you on this site. Even though we dont talk much, i still think youre a lovely person ans sweet lol
sheena go go go magooo goo


Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 25, 2014
gratssssssss < 3
Sent by PurpleCows,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Boots22,Jul 25, 2014
congrats LOL
Sent by Thumper91,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by BigBrotherFan132,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by unkown,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jul 25, 2014
oh stop it you! you're making me blush!
Sent by BengalBoy,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by jbshafer,Jul 25, 2014
omg congrats bae! < 3
Sent by Balloons,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Steel,Jul 25, 2014
grats :)
Sent by LewisC,Jul 25, 2014
Grats =)
Sent by pinkberry,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Orlando652,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Michaelf1114,Jul 25, 2014
grats! dj
Sent by DJ4460,Jul 25, 2014
me :D
Sent by LeXXXy,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Meyaar,Jul 25, 2014
congrats Marcus! U surpass me by now

PS I should really get TV star
Sent by sprado91,Jul 25, 2014
me :D
Sent by dubstar,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by prince_Eric,Jul 25, 2014
meeeeeeeeeeee grats babe xoxo
Sent by danio,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Koin,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by disneygeek,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jul 25, 2014
EYOOOO grats hun =3
Sent by CheapCheep,Jul 25, 2014
ILY GRATS! remember when we were both irrel as fuck
Sent by AlaskanFiredragon,Jul 25, 2014
grats me!
Sent by coreyants,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by jessloveee,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by shyannemystik,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by austino15fffan,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by ItsAustin,Jul 25, 2014
Sent by Katia929,Jul 25, 2014
Congrats < 3
Sent by Jenna2010,Jul 25, 2014
congrats! xo
Sent by Sheena,Jul 25, 2014
I see how the fuck it's gonna be EyooMarcus... but for real congratz bro!
Sent by TheSN,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by jadennator1,Jul 26, 2014
Wow grats :*
Sent by Dhucking_Quacks,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by StraightLoonie,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by jakehou97,Jul 26, 2014
hmmm me why not could be funny :P
grats marcus on tv star :)
Sent by OutthereElmo,Jul 26, 2014
Grats and gaiaphage
Sent by Gaiaphage,Jul 26, 2014
Congrats! :)
Sent by acyuta,Jul 26, 2014
Ok and grats
Sent by amills5,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by rohanchaubey,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by jackyboy,Jul 26, 2014
Congrats :) x me :)
Sent by mattholder,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by rowan22,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by CutieAmy,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by BbDamian,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by Queenisha,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by Vindaloo,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by Coolheat,Jul 26, 2014
Grats, Marcus :*
Sent by Lucinda,Jul 26, 2014
yay grats!
Sent by Typhlosion37,Jul 26, 2014
me irl when I forgot to post my name wow
Sent by Funnehliner,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by carterbehne,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by Sam_Hamwich,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by ghrocky100,Jul 26, 2014
me  xx
Sent by chibideidara,Jul 26, 2014
Me omggg
Sent by Marwane,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by JourdanBabyXoXo,Jul 26, 2014
grats me
Sent by damo1990,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by ElleBellx13,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by m7md26,Jul 26, 2014
Grats ! Me
Sent by pens87,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by Swaggy,Jul 26, 2014
Gratz :)
Sent by yoshicoolman,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by AustinRules6969,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by MonkeyBoy94,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by kasey2011,Jul 26, 2014
Sent by nikw98,Jul 26, 2014
Congratulations in getting TV Star rank EyooMarcus!!
Sent by Diva1,Jul 27, 2014

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