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  1. The best human being
  2. 50 year old lady is fucking with my sleep
  3. I feel as if I changed
  4. I have been binge watching
  5. I love bartending at concerts
  6. For my math class
  7. I got a new laptop
  8. I can't make fun of the USA anymore
  9. What is your Irrational fear?
  10. :(
  11. my boyfriend refuses to move in with me
  12. Support Krisstea's Shop
  13. It's really funny
  14. Since i moved home from college
  15. #newtrend
  16. i am so lucky
  17. First actual hot day outside
  18. Loving my new look!
  19. Everytime i post on a "Pyn" thing
  20. Just finished my bartending shift for Kevin Hart
  21. Rant
  22. Since most of my blogs are complaining
  23. I was not impressed with the essay
  24. Im paying my roommate
  25. I used to be the rebellion of the family
  26. Allison made up for ghosting me
  27. Having a rough night
  28. Fortnite
  29. i did not think that the last episode
  30. My boyfriend drunk called my mom last night
  31. Thank the lord for my 91 in anatomy
  32. Pretty sure my roommate gave me mono
  33. If you can answer this question correctly
  34. So, anyone on this site really good
  35. Krisstea <3
  36. I found a brown strand of hair
  37. Today, i learned that
  38. So stressed
  39. i used to judge clingy girlfriends...
  40. If you haven't voted yet...

I love bartending at concerts

Sep 18, 2018 by Evaa1996
nothing like getting paid and seeing Keith Urban or Shania Twain for free.


can't go wrong with a bit of shania
man i feel like a woman is my karaoke jam
Sent by BengalBoy,Sep 18, 2018

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