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Ranking of Kylie Minogue albums:

3rdOct 13, 2020 by Etienne
Fever > Light Years > X > Aphrodite > Rhythm Of Love > Body Language > Kiss Me Once > Golden > Kylie Minogue > Impossible Princess > Kylie > Enjoy Yourself > Let's Get To It

I can already tell Disco is going to be a top-tier album in her discography.

What is your ranking?

Thirteen BBlover96 Simplyobsessed Timster BbDamian Philip13 Funnehliner mikec51 Insanity jakehou97 RightToCensor konohavillage1 coreyants Lamia jhelsdon2478 NewNightmare7 mbarnish1 Matte alexclow345 Cromatique gagaluv JustMe Darbe Thumper91 Harley titoburitto Matthew09


Self titled FAR too low....
Sent by zachbbs,Oct 13, 2020
Fever aphrodite light years
Sent by iCristian,Oct 13, 2020
Tea kylie
Sent by lemonface,Oct 13, 2020
Top tier: Light Years, X, Aphrodite, Body Language > Fever, Impossible Princess, Kylie Minogue
And bottom tier are deff Kylie and Enjoy Yourself lol

Also purplebb4 xx
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Oct 13, 2020
I have never listened to any of them. I am sorry.
Sent by Thirteen,Oct 13, 2020
X is my fav <3
Sent by Delete2544,Oct 13, 2020
Sent by Matte,Oct 13, 2020
Don't tag me in your gay blogs
Sent by Timster,Oct 13, 2020
oooh I love this

Im exploring her discography rn so I haven't listened to them all but my ranking rn is:

Fever > X > Aphrodite > Light Years > Impossible Princess > Golden > Kiss Me Once
Sent by purplebb4,Oct 13, 2020
impossible princess is her best what the hell is going on here
Sent by mathboy9,Oct 13, 2020
Sent by sihz,Oct 13, 2020
I see impossible princess near the bottom
I neg
Sent by MichelleObama,Oct 14, 2020

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