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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


2ndFeb 5, 2020 by Etienne


I'm proud to be 50!!
Sent by Gilsgirl,Feb 5, 2020
Shut your fucking mouth uncle fucker!
Sent by Jayglezst,Feb 5, 2020
okay boomer
Sent by _Adidas_,Feb 5, 2020
It's like wednesday and ur watching this now? Lol
Sent by sprado91,Feb 5, 2020
Lmao sprado91
Sent by Minie,Feb 5, 2020
_adidas_ omg I’m a millennial I’m 27

sprado91 lmaooo i watched it sunday but now I’m having insomnia so I’m watching it again
Sent by Etienne,Feb 5, 2020
I'm proud to be 50!!
Sent by Akeria,Feb 5, 2020
woeisme  better come up with a different word for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :P
Sent by Minniemax,Feb 5, 2020
True for the 40s and 50s I don’t think anyone considers Rihanna to be past it tho or gaga beyonce
Sent by Chic,Feb 5, 2020
its not that serious but go off
Sent by obscurity,Feb 5, 2020
50 is the new 20 I love it
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,Feb 5, 2020
Jlo isn’t quite your normal 50 year old. Anomaly.
Sent by Scononduders,Feb 5, 2020
I wouldn't say this was the first time women in their 40s and 50s have done impressive things lol
Sent by donaam,Feb 5, 2020
Money does buy youth
Sent by BBlover96,Feb 5, 2020
You just wanted an excuse to mention  your fave you could've stopped at age 38!
Sent by Timster,Feb 5, 2020
I've changed my ways and use the term seasoned now, minniemax.
Sent by woeisme,Feb 5, 2020
Most definitely
Sent by obey_me,Feb 6, 2020

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