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Big Brother and online Hunger games.


1stDec 24, 2019 by Etienne


The transformation of Etienne.
Sent by Thirteen,Dec 24, 2019
good points
Sent by PoohSnap,Dec 24, 2019
True, I met my man through Facebook, we've only been together 2 months, but I'm living with him and it feels like its been forever, didnt think I'd ever find someone, especially when I wasn't even looking for anything haha.
Sent by BryanXx,Dec 24, 2019
It has also normalized ageism and racism in too many gay men's minds. Our movement needs to be more inclusive with lesbians/trans ppl and POC, start talking about families and gay parents and mental health

Sent by Birks4444,Dec 24, 2019
I agree with oversexualizing everything is kinda messed up (i don’t like that about a lot of people on this site too). But I’m confused when you say you’re over guys - like you need a short break from them atm?
Sent by Kindred7,Dec 24, 2019
Sent by Etienne,Dec 24, 2019
I got 20buck on etienne hooking up by sunday
Sent by BBlover96,Dec 24, 2019
I feel like technology plays a huge roll in this too. It made information easy to get, so now we're just used to getting everything without much work. Like everyone gets fucking crazy if their amazon shit doesn't arrive quick enough, or if their S/O doesn't reply within a minute.

We are in an age where we want stuff as soon as we want it, with as little work as possible, and it's affecting people's relationships.

The Daddy kink used to gross me tf out, and now it's like common place everywhere, and doesn't bother me anymore, which is alarming to myself.
Sent by SpiderBoom,Dec 24, 2019
liberal icon. Channel your sexual frustration into destroying the fascists. I stan.
Sent by Moonfelar,Dec 24, 2019
I do kinda agree. Like I'm not a very sexual person but as a gay man I feel like thats all there kind of is out there for me when it comes to relationships. When what I actually want is like.. a long term relationship that isnt ALL about sex. But I mean I love dick so oh well, I need to worry abt my career more anyways so maybe its best Im not worrying abt a relationship.
Sent by ApplecorAJ,Dec 24, 2019
oh wow another fake woke white gay saying stuff thats been said for years! good on ya my dude
Sent by Batya,Dec 24, 2019
All this demonstrates is that LGBT are human like everyone else. We can all fuck anything up. It's one thing we all have in common.

I've been out of the closet for 25 years. I never really spent time in it, I came out at 14 in 1991. The secret is that movements happen one on one and day to day, and are slow to evolve. If you want things to change, then do what you're doing and talk about it. Lots of things have changed, for better or worse. What you describe as an exhibition of decadence, some see as a release. Not me so much, but a lot of guys spend so much time hiding who they are, that they don't KNOW who they are. How do you mature in an area you spend so much time keeping hidden? So what's left? Somewhere between a choice of what they see in the margins of porn sites, visiting hookup sites which should be used by people actually wanting to have a hookup lifestyle, or the portrayal of what a homosexual should be based on TV shows. Not a lot of wholesome gay rolemodels, but whatevs.

I see more and more of the younger generations headed your way. I think it's great. But don't judge others who came up in a different environment. We're not bad we're just broken, XD
Sent by Jacadeux,Dec 25, 2019
Sent by Jacadeux,Dec 25, 2019
i agree with all of this except the ageism part or idk rlly what u define by ageism. cause being a younger guy not wanting to date an older guy isnt ageist
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Dec 25, 2019

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