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I should NOT have watched

3rdFeb 21, 2018 by Etienne
that Fergie US anthem video LMFAOOOO I have a bad stomach cramp now

I LITERALLY could not breathe from laughing so hard oh my GOD and that dislike bar and the comments deceased me XDDD. This was just so fucking GOLDDDD. I LOVE a messy comeback Queen. This is like Britney 2007 MVAs but without the trashy dancing in a bikini, or Mariah Carey's New Years Eve performance last year. And I LOVED every second of it. And then at the end she's trying to hype up the crowd like "LET'S PLAY SOME BASKETBALL!!!!" and barely anyone is cheering lmao

The guy laughing at 2:00 had me ROLLING
and also what she did at 1:40-1:43 and 1:50-1:53 LOL

2:05-2:08 Jimmy Kimmel's DUMBASS face not trying to laugh ROFL.

I also love how this has 15+ million views in 2 days and her most recent music video from 3 months ago has 1.4 million views lol



I also love how this has 15 million views in 2 days and her most recent music video from 3 months ago has 1.4 million views lol
Sent by zachbbs,Feb 21, 2018
Omg she hosted a singing show called the four. The contestants had to get 4 votes to compete and each time they got a yes Fergie spun around. It was so cringy.
Sent by Ivy_Levan,Feb 21, 2018
I also love how this has 15 million views in 2 days and her most recent music video from 3 months ago has 1.4 million views lol

Sent by alanb1,Feb 21, 2018
That just happened

Sent by Icarus_Mark,Feb 21, 2018
I really didn’t even know it was Fergie and I hate that it was her lol
Sent by KrisStory,Feb 21, 2018
i thought fergie sounded really sexy
Sent by MichelleObama,Feb 21, 2018
Fergie, one thing.

Adding "yeahs" doesn't make the Star-Spangled Banner sound better.
Sent by RealJacksonWalsh,Feb 21, 2018
This is the level of extra I inspire to be
Sent by ItsAustin,Feb 22, 2018
Sent by Dmpwb45,Feb 22, 2018
Yea, she's a TERRIBLE singer.
Sent by Arris,Feb 22, 2018
she never could sing boo. she legit talk in her music or blackeye peas music
Sent by Babeeeidah,Feb 22, 2018
Isn't it already known that Fergie is a terrible singer? Also can't believe you were able to watch that, I couldn't even make it through the whole video without turning that shit off. It's awful
Sent by AdamLovesEverything,Feb 22, 2018
Sent by Chemicalali,Feb 22, 2018
Sent by sk9ergal,Feb 22, 2018

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