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  39. i was napping
  40. Post your snapchat score below

When did Trisha Paytas get so popular?

Feb 6, 2018 by Etienne
Because I remember first seeing a few of her videos like in 2012 and thought she was hilarious but most likely a troll and I just stopped watching her videos and didn’t hear anything about her from like 2013 to 2017 and then all of a sudden a few months ago I start seeing people talk about her and link her videos everywhere and her vids have millions of views LOL idk how/when her popularity blew up online or like was it one video in particular that went viral or idk...?


She was on celebrity big brother UK
Sent by Aquamarine,Feb 6, 2018
shes so overrated

youtubers are eh in general
Sent by Kelly0412,Feb 6, 2018
Oh I don’t watch that show but that makes sense Aquamarine
Sent by Etienne,Feb 6, 2018
Her fake personality is so tired
Sent by Brandonator,Feb 6, 2018

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