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I ate literally like 5000 calories today

Jan 18, 2018 by Etienne
List of what I ate:

- 3 bags of gummy bear candies
- 3 bags of M&M
- 2 bags of skittles
- a hot-dog with nachos & cheese and a Diet Coke
- a chocolate muffin at Starbucks
- a donut, muffin, and brioche at Tim Hortons
- a MacChicken with fries & soda at McDonald鈥檚 馃イ

I鈥檓 a fat PIG. I鈥檓 feeling depressed IRL so I鈥檓 eating a lot haha


how fucking dare u spell McChicken wrong, cultureless swine
Sent by MichelleObama,Jan 18, 2018
stupid british people...
Sent by Absol,Jan 18, 2018
Better go douche bitch Etienne
Sent by Banjoooo,Jan 18, 2018
I鈥檓 Canadian Absol
Sent by Etienne,Jan 18, 2018
How can you be able to bottom now? :0
Sent by Timster,Jan 18, 2018

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