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Ranking of Kylie Minogue albums: Oct 13, 2020
Fever > Light Years > X > Aphrodite > Rhythm Of Love > Body Language > Kiss Me Once > Golden > Kylie Minogue > Impossible Princess > Kylie > Enjoy Yourself > Let's Get To It

I can already tell Disco is going to be a top-tier album in her discography.

What is your ranking?

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A guide for a good castings streak: Aug 15, 2020
*The bottom 3 scorers are nominated each day. Your time in challenges is determined by how many checks you have. The person with the most checks gets the most seconds in the daily challenge.*

1. Post at least 1 comment between each update. After you post 1 or 2 messages, let others speak. Plus other people, and expect to be plussed back. If no one is plussing you, you can ask to be plussed. You don't need to post 30 times between each update to get your checks up, you literally just need to post at least one time and have your comment plussed to at least +1, and your checks will go up when there is an update or an apple/key popup.

2. NEVER neg other people on purpose. If you neg someone's comments, that person you neg will possibly find out who it is, and neg you back if and when they find out, since people can check who's online and who is not. Negging also does not remove checks from someone, but it is generally understood as a sign of disrespect.

3. Vote the right people out. I usually give my 3 to the biggest threat on the block. But there are exceptions to this, like if they are a friend or an ally or if I think the threat deserves to stay.

4. Alliances in castings are not necessary, but you can PM cast members to make alliances if you wish. Work with people you trust.

5. This is the MOST important tip: the double screen trick. To catch as many keys as possible, I always play with two different internet windows in my computer screen, one on the left side and the other on the right. Crop them so they both fit inside of your screen. I like to keep my left window for my castings game, and in the right window I do other things. Therefore I can spam/stalk for keys/apples in my castings while working online or watching Netflix or playing other games - or doing anything it is that I usually do on the internet.

6. This tip is just in case of an emergency: spam for keys. If your game is dead, if you are low on keys & feel like you might go up, you can try to release a key in the game. How do you do this? Simply by posting several comments in a row and waiting for a key to be released. You just need to post 1.5 to 2 pages of comments in the game, then wait for a key to come up usually within 1-5 hours or less. If an apple comes up instead of a key, post another 1.5/2 pages of comments and wait for a key to pop up. I would advise to only do this when others are offline and you're alone, so you don't annoy other players and you are guaranteed to catch the key when it comes. Only do this when you NEED a key to avoid the block or to win.

7. How can you tell when a key or apple has been released in the game? There are two ways. First way to do it: Right-click the 'private messages' link, there should be a button that specifically says "open in new incognito tab". If you're on mobile, hold down where it says "private messages" and you will get the same option. You will be able to see things like "[COLLECT:KEY]" or "[COLLECT:FOOD]" ("food" stands for "apple") that are sent in the game by the user 'Tengaged'. It will tell you exactly how long ago the key or apple was released.
Second way to do it: Copy the website link of the private messages page of your game, such as follows: , log off from Tengaged, then paste the link and look for the keys and apples.

Have fun, and happy castings. :)
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