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PYN and I’ll tell you if you should be treated better

Dec 3, 2023 by Ethanwonder
opulence you are actually one of the better people on this site and I think some bitches should give you more credit

bigbrotherstan2022 fr you always ride for me and I wish you didn’t have to always be on the defensive because people keep coming for your throat

jojo_strawberree I think you need to keep the anger down and not lie on my name 😡 but also you get the same shitty treatment I do of being thrown away when they have no one else to target so I hope it gets better for you

thumper91 I legit know nothing about you other than your old profile that was 100 years long but if you’re putting your name i assume you think people don’t treat you right and that means you deserve better!

mjfjune I’m gonna say until you allow me to talk about Taylor with you cuz you keep ignoring my messages you deserve worse treatment

scooby69 if you’re 18+ slide in so I can slide in baby

benjaminb I think you should be given a little more grace on this site after what you’ve been through but you gotta be less antagonistic lol

ilovepuppies135 I already told you in your new biggest fan and these bitches better stand the fuck back and let the queen through

lulubud from what I’ve seen you have some good connections on here and I think you deserve to be treated with the same kindness you give out

princesskandi2014 you are a pure ball of joy and I’ve only interacted with you a little but it’s so nice seeing someone so bright here


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Sent by Scooby69,Dec 3, 2023
Heres a comment for more health/T
Sent by BenjaminB,Dec 3, 2023
Wow im not antagonistic i just dont let people get away with being rude/shady/bullying from their cliques
Sent by BenjaminB,Dec 3, 2023
This is you being antagonistic 😭😭
Sent by Ethanwonder,Dec 3, 2023
Sent by ilovepuppies135,Dec 3, 2023
Hahah ok
Sent by Lulubud,Dec 3, 2023
Me :)
Sent by PrincessKandi2014,Dec 3, 2023
Sent by ikaw0ng,Dec 4, 2023

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