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  1. I'm getting a little tired
  2. Love y'all sm <3
  3. Note to self:
  4. I need to find somebody
  5. Watermelon Sugar
  6. Has anyone played the board game 7 Wonders?
  7. *wears my santa hat on my avi*
  8. Who let Kevin play with matches?
  9. I woke up and my eye... [GRAPHIC]
  10. Courtney Love is a Murderer
  11. Do you ever use a dating app
  12. Alsjeblieft is such a fun word to say
  13. Me winning 3 board games in a row tonight
  14. I loved my partner ❤️
  15. Thanks to the non-fake ppl who tagged me!
  16. Me beating my family @ Settlers of Catan
  17. Mybash_ & I met up ❤️
  18. You know you love it
  19. Blackout is the only good song
  20. TV Show recommendations?
  21. PYN for what I know about you/Opinion
  22. Simone Biles winning her 5th world title
  23. Imagine liking Ashley in Until Dawn
  24. Have you ever swallowed a lot of blood
  25. Current Minecraft Update
  26. We did it!
  27. I know people hate Michie but...
  28. WOW they made such a bad decision
  29. I'm officially an uncle!!
  30. After about an hour
  31. What's your favorite fruit?
  32. Courtney Love is a Murderer
  34. While I still want Nicole to win
  36. Lover Album Ranking
  37. If Christie stays like it’s looking like
  38. I’m convinced
  39. My best friend's brother
  40. Has anyone gotten their shoes shined

You know you love it

Nov 11, 2019 by Ethan000
ItsRyanJambe's Survivor is TOTALLY AMAZING. There is no other game on Roblox that can compete!

(This 100% is not a paid #ad)


Such a kind and from the heart comment!
Sent by Ryan_Jambe,Nov 11, 2019
Ryan_Jambe <3
Sent by Ethan000,Nov 11, 2019
Better than anything Turney has ever hosted
Sent by sjsoccer88,Nov 11, 2019
LMAO sjsoccer88
Sent by Mybash_,Nov 11, 2019

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