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Imagine liking Ashley in Until Dawn

Oct 5, 2019 by Ethan000
Literally the worst character, ew


i mean agreed but if someone tries to shoot me, idc what kinda bullshit i spewed, that bitch is getting locked out the house
Sent by Zuelke,Oct 5, 2019
Now THAT'S the true. Always tried to act like this scared little thing but threw so many people under the bus NUMEROUS times to get herself to a safer standing.
Sent by ninjohn,Oct 5, 2019
now this is something I can get behind
Sent by Tizian,Oct 5, 2019
immaxyman look at these comments hun
Sent by Ethan000,Oct 5, 2019
matt was definitely worse bc he was bland af
Sent by Jaxon,Oct 5, 2019

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