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  1. It's my time for awhile
  2. So I'm sitting there,
  3. Literally fuck everybody today
  4. Me STRUGGLING to finish well in Sum Me
  5. Me & Saftronbtr999
  6. Honestly though
  7. Just got plastic surgery today (:
  8. Avery > Nia
  9. Time to change the sheets
  10. Okay but
  11. Weak ass bitch
  12. When they continue to try it
  13. Okay but honestly...
  14. I'm a casual sex-er!
  15. Who wants to have a threesome
  16. Somebody called me the whore
  17. Why is this me playing all tengaged comps?
  18. So what I think is funny
  19. Ugh I love Kevin so much <3
  20. Jesus
  21. Karma Rocks.
  22. Me whenever somebody on this site yells at me
  23. The overkill on spam, damn
  24. Yeah it may be time to meet some new ppl
  25. I haven't seen the past 2 seasons of Survivor
  26. I just want someone
  27. Popped in to say hey
  28. Omg ahh? I cracked Top 200??
  29. My life rn
  30. Now if we're talkin body
  31. My biggest fear
  32. Don't trust the bitch in Apartment 23
  33. Beat a bitch up, yup
  34. It's time.
  35. How do YOU pronounce 'ticklish'?
  36. Box-dying my hair right now
  38. Could you imagine posting this gif..?
  39. Has anyone watched Now Apocalypse?
  40. Mood.

So what I think is funny

11thApr 14, 2019 by Ethan000
Is that people's only thing they can resort to saying about me literally AT ALL is that I'm "gay." Like okay? Do you think that cuts deep or something? LOL. Everyone saying that is gay themselves so I don't understand how using that as an insult does anything at all? It's not even a bad thing so I'm confused. Trust me if I was "faking being straight," I couldn't have done it for long bc I would've probably sent half the site my dick by now just like you Streamxx :) Been here for almost 7 years, that'd be a little psychotic of me, huh?


your gay ethan
Sent by s73100,Apr 14, 2019
your gay ethan
Sent by Kelly0412,Apr 14, 2019
I mean it wasn’t an insult I was asking if you was still scared to admit ur gay but I appreciate the essay xx A *
Sent by Streamxx,Apr 14, 2019
be gay for me pls
Sent by top20fan33,Apr 14, 2019
Streamxx Like I said I don't know why I would fake it for 7 fucking years el oh el...
Sent by Ethan000,Apr 14, 2019
This blog is so good Streamxx I don't why you are so concerned with his sexuality anyway LOL CAN YOU PLEASE GO DO SOMETHING WITH YOURSELF DO YOU REALLY HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO? i am literally laughing so hard
Sent by bblover567,Apr 14, 2019
Thanks god the only guy u sent dick pictures is me <3
Sent by gabrieltrezza,Apr 14, 2019
Sometimes people try to tell me that I didn’t win stars once or that I’m itreleva but that doesn’t matter to me because I am the winner of stars 266 and no one can take that away from me
Sent by Kizzi,Apr 14, 2019
Idk why they say ur gay when they could just say ur ugly ?
Sent by QueenSandraDiaz,Apr 14, 2019
QueenSandraDiaz They could but that would be a fib.
Sent by Ethan000,Apr 14, 2019
Don't ever feel like you need to justify what you identify as to anyone. Be yourself and be the best you that you can be :)
Sent by EmmaM,Apr 14, 2019
EmmaM Exactly, agreed 100% ilysm <3
Sent by Ethan000,Apr 14, 2019

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