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  1. Almost choked and died at breakfast today
  2. The way, it shiiiiiineee
  3. "I want it, I got it."
  4. Aw sorry you gotta leave so suddenly :(
  5. LOL ty for believing in me
  6. Does anybody else wake up
  7. Anyone else eat tomatoes like apples?
  8. If you can't stand up for yourself
  9. I am SO UPSET
  10. I need a massage so badly
  11. 5'11
  12. CBBUS2 - Lolo Jones
  14. I just finished 'You' on Netflix
  15. I love being bullied
  16. Americans don't have accents
  17. So I wasn't contacted
  18. Killing for love
  19. Courtney Love is a MURDERER
  20. Is it omegle time? ;D
  21. *drives around in my new (old) car*
  22. Grats on winning the raffle :)
  23. You don't know fear
  24. 2 Words.
  25. *gyrates*
  26. Thank you 43.6%!!
  27. Stars Support!
  29. Are chocolate lava cakes from Domino's
  30. THANK YOU 43.6%
  31. PYN for a shoutout in my stars finals vlog
  32. *drops eyedrops in eyes*
  33. I feel objectified
  34. I made Final 3 in a Fastings lmfao
  35. Hi
  36. I have no words
  37. Okay there's like 5 cop cars outside
  38. Just gonna place this here
  39. Thank You 58.7%
  40. Who wants a stars shoutout in my vlog

*drops eyedrops in eyes*

Jan 4, 2019 by Ethan000


Why did you post this? No, seriously. What are you doing. What was the fucking point of you coming on to this website, taking the time out of your day, coming here, and willingly wasting your time doing absolutely nothing constructive at all with your life. Just simply coming here, with no sense of wanting to do anything constructive or helpful or progressive in any way, just here to post nothing. Nothing in the world would have been different if you had literally never posted that at all. God dammit people like you make me fucking sick to my stomach and concerned for the wellbeing of the future of society, even now I really can’t even fucking comprehended what a complete and utter fucking waste of a human being you are, or what your parents would think if they understood the connotations of what their child had become. This website is not your personal blog, the people here are not your friends, when coming here assume everyone hates you, because if we knew you irl, I’m pretty sure we would. I can only pray that you won’t reproduce and continue to pollute the gene pool with this fucking idiotic retarded nonsense, but good thing I won’t have to because you’re such of a humongous neckbeard that no girl would ever want anything to do with you.
Sent by maturo,Jan 4, 2019
Stoners dont use that shit wtf
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Sent by D882,Jan 4, 2019

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