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  1. Idc what you say
  2. Y'all are so hateful :(
  3. Spreading Self-Love
  4. Crab Rangoons really are
  5. Do you ever just get that random mood
  6. 51.1% - 48.2%
  7. Ordering Pizza
  8. My parents are leaving for a work conference
  9. Who still toasts poptarts
  10. I just saw the ep of Black Mirror
  11. Kind of shook?
  12. Idgi
  13. I turn 21 in 8 months
  14. Taking Applications (:
  16. PYN and I'll guess your color level
  17. Give me something good to watch
  18. Honestly...
  19. I have felt attacked all day
  20. Is Danganronpa that good?
  21. How do you pronounce pattern (Survey 2.0)
  22. Give me the scariest movie you've seen
  23. Just bc you're trash
  24. Just know, if you don't like green olives
  25. Natalie, is there any way I could have your..
  26. Anyone else update to macOS Mojave?
  27. Well I didn't win the lottery :(
  28. I want to watch Grease
  29. Honestly..
  30. Wanna fuck?
  31. Wow I haven't played HQ
  32. Natalie: How did I win? How did I win?
  33. Once upon a time not long ago
  34. Take me.
  35. I wanna play a horror game/watch a horror movie
  36. Okay goodnight
  37. Being murdered during sex is kinda hot ngl
  38. Courtney Love is a MURDERER
  39. You cannot tell me that this isn't iconic
  40. Honestly...

Today was surprisingly good

Sep 28, 2018 by Ethan000
Hope y'all had a good one 馃槉


ty have a great weekend
Sent by Eva1,Sep 28, 2018

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