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  1. I- I’m so ashamed
  2. *does a line of coke*
  3. But I'm not just a fuck-up
  4. Yeah y'all can miss me with the hate
  5. *is craving feta cheese for no reason*
  6. We have to fight back!
  7. Alexa play
  8. If you came here to kill me
  9. Child or no?
  10. Finally watched 'A Star is Born'
  11. Is it still an ‘accident’?
  12. *dies*
  13. People are still shady asf in Survivor
  14. 🇳🇱Tasting The Netherlands🇳🇱
  15. Final Reckoning Finale
  16. All Challenge Fans
  17. Rate my avatar
  18. Y'all are so hateful :(
  19. Spreading Self-Love
  20. Crab Rangoons really are
  21. Do you ever just get that random mood
  22. 51.1% - 48.2%
  23. Ordering Pizza
  24. My parents are leaving for a work conference
  25. Who still toasts poptarts
  26. I just saw the ep of Black Mirror
  27. Kind of shook?
  28. Idgi
  29. I turn 21 in 8 months
  30. Taking Applications (:
  32. PYN and I'll guess your color level
  33. Give me something good to watch
  34. Honestly...
  35. I have felt attacked all day
  36. Is Danganronpa that good?
  37. How do you pronounce pattern (Survey 2.0)
  38. Give me the scariest movie you've seen
  39. Just bc you're trash
  40. Just know, if you don't like green olives

Life used to be so easy

Jun 28, 2018 by Ethan000
When Patrick319 didn't always personally target me :(

And when turney1805 didn't kick me from every chat :(

And when AllieBoBallie didn't CHEER when I got kicked :(

iYBF and I are victims


you copied my quote but i agree :(
Sent by iYBF,Jun 28, 2018
Life would be easier if you didn’t play the victim
Sent by FighterMan,Jun 28, 2018
FighterMan I usually don't but I've just experienced bullying for the first time in my entire life :(
Sent by Ethan000,Jun 28, 2018
wow... making a new trivia chat without me??
Sent by tofutime,Jun 28, 2018
tofutime What's trivia?
Sent by Ethan000,Jun 28, 2018
I didn’t cheer
Sent by AllieBoBallie,Jun 28, 2018

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