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  1. Get out, right now.
  2. I could go for a DQ Blizzard rn
  3. There's a fresh place in hell
  5. My name is Xandir!
  6. Why does everyone hate Laurel?
  7. I found a picture of me sleeping on my phone.
  8. You've ruined my life
  9. Almost chopped my finger off at work today (:
  10. I need to confront somebody rn
  11. Sorry to everyone I spammed over the past couple..
  12. Call me fat idc
  13. neg if I should take this bottle of pills
  14. Why is it so hard
  15. Plastic Surgeon recommendations?
  16. I heard Laurel
  17. Idk if I just got a faulty gas pump
  18. I worked open to close yesterday (12 1/2 hrs)
  19. Music you can cut to?
  20. Box fans are my new favorite thing ugh yes
  21. I've realized
  22. Our first customer today...
  23. I kinda wanna throw up tbh
  24. I love smelling clean and fresh
  25. I think I might actually stay awhile
  26. I hate that bitch Britni Thornton
  27. Tengaged Endurance Spoilers
  28. Well my final group game ended.
  29. Do you wanna play a Tumblr Survivor ORG?
  30. Zambonis can ROT
  31. I hate when they change my work hours
  32. Bye Cornbread. (Bye Cornbread!)
  33. Who is this pinky promising?
  34. LMAO does anyone remember this?
  35. Omarosa vs Janice Dickinson lmfao
  36. Ugh I'm conflicted
  37. d8?
  38. Lost in this feeling
  39. Is it bad that I really like my nose?
  40. I'll wake you up with some breakfast in bed

Anyone else wish they were born w/o

Jan 5, 2018 by Ethan000
deformities? Or is it JustMe?


Sent by TheACF12,Jan 5, 2018
I don鈥檛 have any deformities 馃槥
Sent by JustMe,Jan 5, 2018
Sent by Sparky4444,Jan 5, 2018

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