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  1. One time..when I turned last year
  2. Came back solely to say:
  3. Courtney Love is a MURDERER!
  4. Starting 13RW Season 2!
  5. I don't get how ppl drink tap water
  6. Anyone remember when this was controversial?
  7. Lifechanging Question:
  8. I honestly hate life rn
  9. When you're so clearly NOT okay
  10. Do you consider me...?
  11. Thinking about getting into stocks
  12. I slept for 4 hours
  13. Maybe I'm just different
  14. She's so particular
  15. Get out, right now.
  16. I could go for a DQ Blizzard rn
  17. There's a fresh place in hell
  19. My name is Xandir!
  20. Why does everyone hate Laurel?
  21. I found a picture of me sleeping on my phone.
  22. You've ruined my life
  23. Almost chopped my finger off at work today (:
  24. I need to confront somebody rn
  25. Sorry to everyone I spammed over the past couple..
  26. Call me fat idc
  27. neg if I should take this bottle of pills
  28. Why is it so hard
  29. Plastic Surgeon recommendations?
  30. I heard Laurel
  31. Idk if I just got a faulty gas pump
  32. I worked open to close yesterday (12 1/2 hrs)
  33. Music you can cut to?
  34. Box fans are my new favorite thing ugh yes
  35. I've realized
  36. Our first customer today...
  37. I kinda wanna throw up tbh
  38. I love smelling clean and fresh
  39. I think I might actually stay awhile
  40. I hate that bitch Britni Thornton

Guess that dyke

Dec 24, 2017 by Ethan000

Hint: It's baileyboy1


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