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  1. She take my money
  2. Okay I'm not a Camila Cabello fan
  3. So um there's a blizzard warning where I live
  4. Why is this me and most ppl in Skype minis?
  5. I want a "Delete All Blogs" button
  6. Does anyone else
  7. I just had the absolute worst day
  8. Some things just aren't meant to last
  9. Tag who this applies to
  10. So grateful I'm leaving within a month✌🏻
  11. I'm sorry but Kam was so good this episode
  12. My main skype got deleted forever
  13. I sliced my finger open with a box-cutter
  14. I just had the worst sex of my entire life
  15. Is it worth driving 50 min away
  16. Intoxicate me gently with your loving
  17. Who wants to be friends?
  18. I'm literally going ice fishing tomorrow
  19. I'm in a dilemma atm
  20. Whose album came out
  21. *points* Shon, this song is for you
  22. I literally moved to Wisconsin
  23. Kinda wanna get a tattoo
  24. If you have bad handwriting
  25. Honestly I'm excited
  26. Well it's official....I'm sick
  27. Just took my first nap in awhile
  28. Honestly...
  29. Spot the iconic stars-winning duo
  30. Goodnight
  31. I just wanted to say
  32. Do I make a vlog
  33. Is Pitch Perfect 3 good?
  34. Ugh I feel like I'm gonna die :/
  35. Anyone else wish they were born w/o
  36. Enough of the riddles
  37. Gift Giveaway Winner!
  38. I love ppl getting pressed
  39. Hey Albert, drop your stack
  40. I know it's still Winter


Dec 23, 2017 by Ethan000
I miss hugatree343 🙁 💔

Sent by Lalisa,Dec 23, 2017
where'd he go
Sent by Obstreperous,Dec 23, 2017
Maybe get real life friends?
Sent by Scononduders,Dec 23, 2017
i miss him so much you don't understand. rip hugdamenytreez pachi machi j'tia
Sent by KatherinePierce,Dec 23, 2017

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