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  1. MTV kinda clocked Kayleigh's head back
  2. Do you ever just have a really good talk
  3. *casually coughs up blood*
  4. Been sick for 4 days
  5. I truly feel like I'm dying
  6. *gets up in your face*
  7. AHS tonight :D
  8. *pops another 800mg of ibuprofen*
  9. The other day on a "business trip"
  10. am i shit
  11. Hey Alexa
  12. Let's just say...
  13. *walks onto the blogs page*
  14. Idk if this is relatable or not, prob not
  15. Who else is going to the gym with me?
  16. I had 11g of carbs today :)
  17. I'm so proud :)
  18. Question
  19. Bitch I'm a cow, bitch I'm a cow
  20. Well according to some people
  21. Anyone else just wake up lean?
  22. Who else only drinks diet water?
  23. My yearly blog
  24. Everyone take in a deep breath
  25. When I just woke up...
  26. Horny and craving Chick-Fil-A
  27. Yay I finished AHS Hotel!
  28. Currently watching the 2 AHS Seasons I skipped
  29. Does anyone else feel like...?
  30. Ummmm
  31. If you don't like coleslaw
  32. you know when you eat ass
  33. Anyone else just mentally exhausted?
  34. The shooter literally was somebody
  35. Oh my God...
  36. I feel violated
  37. If you really think I'm finishing CBBUK now..
  38. *walks to the hotel ice machine*
  39. Y'all I can't breathe
  40. My spirit guides are telling me

Do you ever have a tickle in your throat?

Dec 21, 2017 by Ethan000
And you just can't help but cough?



thats my cock in ur mouth
Sent by levonini,Dec 21, 2017
youre disgusting
Sent by MarieTori,Dec 21, 2017

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