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  1. BB20 Draft! Who has the best team?
  2. Logged back on to say
  3. One time..when I turned last year
  4. Came back solely to say:
  5. Courtney Love is a MURDERER!
  6. Starting 13RW Season 2!
  7. I don't get how ppl drink tap water
  8. Anyone remember when this was controversial?
  9. Lifechanging Question:
  10. I honestly hate life rn
  11. When you're so clearly NOT okay
  12. Do you consider me...?
  13. Thinking about getting into stocks
  14. I slept for 4 hours
  15. Maybe I'm just different
  16. She's so particular
  17. Get out, right now.
  18. I could go for a DQ Blizzard rn
  19. There's a fresh place in hell
  21. My name is Xandir!
  22. Why does everyone hate Laurel?
  23. I found a picture of me sleeping on my phone.
  24. You've ruined my life
  25. Almost chopped my finger off at work today (:
  26. I need to confront somebody rn
  27. Sorry to everyone I spammed over the past couple..
  28. Call me fat idc
  29. neg if I should take this bottle of pills
  30. Why is it so hard
  31. Plastic Surgeon recommendations?
  32. I heard Laurel
  33. Idk if I just got a faulty gas pump
  34. I worked open to close yesterday (12 1/2 hrs)
  35. Music you can cut to?
  36. Box fans are my new favorite thing ugh yes
  37. I've realized
  38. Our first customer today...
  39. I kinda wanna throw up tbh
  40. I love smelling clean and fresh

Where are we sleeping tonight?

Dec 18, 2017 by Ethan000


in my bed
Sent by baileyboy1,Dec 18, 2017
Are you afraid of the dark?
Sent by semajdude,Dec 18, 2017

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