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  1. X beats women
  2. Most of yall are a school shooter type
  3. Tengaged-were there are racist gays
  4. who has no designs and wants the disney channel..
  5. America is shaking
  6. 馃挜馃挗馃憠Ity990/Lil Ity馃憟馃挗馃挜
  7. Weed was made illegal because white women
  8. I love going to school in the south
  9. Weed or Alcohol ??
  10. 馃敟馃挴馃憫King Trav馃憫馃挴馃敟
  11. My blacks are fighting eachother
  12. shoes
  13. Gone off the shit again
  15. save me please...spam me back
  16. can yall shut the fuck up
  17. Wow so zeke had a pussy
  18. none of you will be mods.....STFU
  19. New drinking game
  20. Happy birthday Bryan
  21. Vote for me..
  22. Whats your favorite childhood series??
  23. celebratory bong hits
  24. any group games?
  25. BGC17 EP.2 Rankings!!!!!
  26. Im blue
  27. Please save me in stars
  28. Tengaged's Newest Gold Level!!!
  30. tbh im glad neal kept his idol
  31. ***Nommed for 4th in stars***
  32. im back....and im in stars
  33. ^^ smells like CLAP DAT ASS AND 3000^^
  34. lmfao b4 and after pic
  35. please join
  36. hi
  37. plzzz donate plzzz,,,i will return the spam
  38. okkk who is king mac like does he have an account..
  39. ewww
  40. i'm #famous

馃敟馃挴馃憫King Trav馃憫馃挴馃敟

12thOct 22, 2017 by Emmett4


Sent by iTy990,Oct 23, 2017
DON'T LET THESE BASTARDS KILL KENNY!!The script was flipped,and cowards needed a scapegoat so they choose me.But tbh that doesn't shock me because most are playing for a cute placement oppose to the win.GL Brian.
Sent by Emmett4,May 15, 2018

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