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  1. Liberals=America
  2. If ur reading me
  3. $tars $upport
  4. Vote 4 me the lames trying to my fame
  5. Survivor Rankings
  6. Mail firewolf you vote emmett
  7. Cyberbullying is a myth no?????
  8. Im ranked 666
  9. No title
  10. Plzz vote me
  11. Plzz vote me
  12. Put me back in the house..plz vote me
  13. It's Time to come out...
  14. The Uk sucks...Cringey Camerson wins???
  15. I'm actually a week clean
  16. Finished Hill House
  17. GAY racists kill me lmao
  18. bbuk finale rankings
  19. Getting high>Homework
  20. cameron evicted issabella
  21. Evict someone (NOT ME)
  22. Pyn for Legit avi rating
  23. cash app me plzzz
  24. Arianna Grande deserved to
  26. Cameron wants the D from Lewis
  27. I fucked a lesbian
  29. veto queen kenaley needs a W
  30. im ranked hoes
  31. can you Babeeeidah me??
  32. BBUK Rankings
  33. I hate ppl who say "they took our jobs"
  34. When will this bb icon return???
  35. Floribama Shore Rankings
  36. Currently smoking on Gelato
  37. The Native Americans were robbed
  38. $tars $upport
  39. Thx 31.5%
  40. Swaggy C is my fave

Gone off the shit again

May 12, 2017 by Emmett4
Thats just how i live
Lost just like gilligan
On my own island

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