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Survivor Visual Update + New Challenge

1stMay 3, 2021 by EmmaM
I figured it was time to redo another game on the website. As we know it's very outdated to be gathering chicken. When on survivor do you ever see them hunting chicken for their food? Almost never. I've created a more realistic feel to the game. Rice is something on every season of survivor, so here is a more interesting way to gather food for survivor.

With a new way to gather food means we need a new way to indicate when we can do it. I am here to introduce new icons to showcase when it is time to gather rice for the tribe.

Lastly with the update, we had to have a new challenge to cater to more of the creative folks on Tengaged. You must choose between 3 songs. Your goal is to hit the correct pitch on the song. Microphone required, can use any karaoke revolution microphone or your phone. The song choices are as following

1. WAP - Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion
2. I Wanna Dance with Somebody - Whitney Houston
3. Single Ladies - Beyonce

As always, Randomize has the rights to implement this whenever he wants.

Shout out to my tribe for being the models for this new graphic


Sent by GentlemanG,May 3, 2021
Sent by s73100,May 3, 2021
Sent by useamint,May 3, 2021
I fuck with Karaoke Revolution ngl
Sent by dorkishbarbi,May 3, 2021
Sent by useamint,May 3, 2021
Oh I can't wait to get my mom to play my Karaoke Revolution every day and slay you all.
Sent by top20fan33,May 3, 2021
Sent by mbarnish1,May 3, 2021
Sent by Hunty,May 3, 2021
Sent by SeongWoo,May 3, 2021
lmaoooooo I love the rice thing
Sent by cheritaisdelicious,May 3, 2021
Karaoke Revolution is great
Sent by hayden9102,May 3, 2021
I can’t sing in pitch to save my life so no to that comp I love the rice though and add hidden idols randomize
Sent by candy_land,May 3, 2021
Sent by EmzThorne,May 3, 2021
Sent by Matte,May 3, 2021
Sent by brosky17,May 3, 2021
Sent by Saftronbtr999,May 3, 2021
Sent by nikw98,May 4, 2021
Oh No!
Sent by Heavenlee,May 4, 2021
Lmao uhh
Sent by KrisStory,May 4, 2021
Sent by Simpizzle,May 4, 2021
Sent by CocoVanderbilt,May 4, 2021
You never miss
Sent by smi9127,May 4, 2021
Sent by Tester,May 4, 2021
Not me grabbing my mic and belting out wap
Sent by Kiara_xoxo,May 4, 2021
The way I would absolutely slay wap
Sent by Paige54,May 4, 2021
Oh no! J’Tia has dumped the rice out. You have a short amount of time to pick up the edible rice.
Sent by tbrown_47,May 4, 2021
Yes yes yes to all of this
Sent by burgta01,May 4, 2021
Omg Emma LOL
Sent by keefe,May 4, 2021
Sent by Florina,May 4, 2021
oh i will definitely be choosing option 2 every time
Sent by Irelia,May 4, 2021
JustMe opinion on this new challenge idea???
Sent by HeavyRain,May 4, 2021
I wish there was a karaoke challenge based off karaoke revolution.... I have NEVER lost a game of karaoke revolutions presents american idol encore 2. (makeup)
Sent by Jaxon,May 4, 2021
Oh no! J'Tia has dumped the rice out. You have a short amount of time to pick up the edible rice. Gathering rice will make your water level decrease by 6. Group food levels will be increased in 30 minutes once the task starts.
Sent by SharonMaItems,May 4, 2021
Sent by chad123,May 4, 2021
Sent by Katherinee_,May 4, 2021
heavyrain I’ll be worse at this than flakes smh
Sent by JustMe,May 4, 2021
Sent by Lukesaur,May 4, 2021
so ugly, negged.
Sent by ricardogv,May 4, 2021
Hi Emma.

Could you please look into possibly a Survivor game where it finishes almost like the show? I think it's about time we have a game of Survivor that we can finish instead of merging over and over and over...
Sent by nikki47,May 4, 2021

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