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Avatar Fashion

Dec 20, 2008 by Emma
Don't you think it would be much cooler if we could have an avatar that was the whole person, and not only show the top half of a person. If we showed the whole body it would leave a lot of options open for more fashion, and also, more clothes makes me a lot more happy :)

What do you think?


I Agree :)
Sent by Hiltons,Dec 20, 2008
i like just the top cause that is what memory walls are supposed to look like
Sent by Bowler23,Dec 20, 2008
It would be cool, but they'd have to be about 60% smaller to fit in the same area.
Sent by Daisy,Dec 20, 2008
Nice suggestion :D
Sent by Daisy,Dec 20, 2008
I like it the way it is, actually.  I like that it looks like everyone's holding hands, or holding knives to stab each other in the back... take your pick.  +++++
Sent by phanne,Dec 20, 2008
Agreed, an avatar update would be nice. =D
Sent by Blaqk,Dec 20, 2008

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