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Am i stupid?

Oct 31, 2012 by EmilyJones
I bought the new pink friday perfume today and there was one for 90$ that came with lotion or one for 75$ that came with a box:L

I bought the 75$ one to see what was in the box....and it was just an empty box to carry your perfume in:////
and the perfume isn't even that great :L i dont recommend it :L


Sent by Dusty2244,Oct 31, 2012
well you saved $15!
Sent by xXandytraicyXx,Oct 31, 2012
ya but it doesn't even smell that amazing xxandytraicyxx i feel like i wasted 75$ on the "amazingly hyped" perfume when i could have saved my money :L
Sent by EmilyJones,Oct 31, 2012
why dont you take it back to the store :)
Sent by kasey2011,Oct 31, 2012
now that i have it i don't want to get rid of it lol :(
ik how hypocritical that is lol i feel like i got ripped off but i wana keep it :L The nicki minaj head pops off its kinda weird :L
Sent by EmilyJones,Oct 31, 2012
im sorry you didnt exactly get what you want, but at least you did save the 15 dollars, i hate when you buy perfume and its not as good as the hype. thats why i always smell it before i buy it. :)
Sent by kasey2011,Oct 31, 2012
oh and no your not stupid, i do this all the time lol
Sent by kasey2011,Oct 31, 2012
thank you :)

and i was with my mother, the salesclerk gave her a sample strip to smell, but I never got to smell it :L
oh well :L i was the one that paid for it too :L
Sent by EmilyJones,Oct 31, 2012

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