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Sep 13, 2015 by EmRose
and i'll give an opinion. i'm very bored

Delete2544 - i see you around all the time but we never talk. you seem really chill and i think we should talk :)

Nikitasha - i've never talked to you. we're the same color level though.. show me your game play ways.

Petro - we did plus for plus. you seem really nice!

BlueStar1367 - we've never talked but your avi is hot 10/10

ghrocky100 - ah alex we've been on and off but we're buds now and you're a pretty nice guy most of the time :)

LittleBrother123 - i dont think i've ever talked to you so i dont have anything against you :)

EliOrtiz1234 - you're one of my closest friends on here but in reality you're a turd. even though you're very funny ad easy to talk to.

coreyants - you and i always stick together during Skype games w a bunch of immature 12 year old. you're awesome ily

Brandt69 - you remind me of brayden. people have mixed feelings about him but i personally think he's a cool person to talk to so i think you're cool

PotatoSalad - you're cute but i hate you tbh

Thumper91 - i dont know you but your avi is so cute

JustMe - Sue :) you're an awesome person, and you're so nice and fun to talk to. ily

Maggie - you're one of my favs. you're so nice and you always stick up for your friends which i think is amazing.

Geazybeast21 - we dont talk much. i mess with you a lot but you're cool and pretty nice

Russell11 - i dont think we've ever talked. but if we have and i just dont recognize your tg i apologize!

NotAfraid - we haven't talked but you seem really nice and your avi is adorable :)

FlamingJojo - omg Jojo. we haven't talked one on one but we've played a couple games together and we have a kind of unspoken friendship going on. unless you're someone I'm talking to on Skype and dont realize it .-.


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better do mine babe
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Me :*
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Gabbie < 3
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me :*
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