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  8. it's in your best interest not to be a cunt
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  10. its my birthday!
  11. what song should I sing
  12. another singing vlog smd
  13. bullies-vlog/rant
  14. Attention Whores.
  15. my father touches my ass
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  17. hash is slaying
  18. I wanna go on a world trip around the US
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  23. put a shirt on.
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  32. bullies. :/
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  34. guys.
  35. This is my 1st officlal blog < 3 .

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Hello people of tg Jul 19, 2016
i rarely come on here anymore, but i have met some of the most amazing and supportive people on this site. im posting this because im going through a pretty hard time right now and i just want everyone to comment something that makes them smile! a memory or story or type of food, anything
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I love my Midnight Crew May 28, 2016
sweater so much. I'm so proud to have named a chat with so many funny sweet and amazing people < 3
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Corey Graduated! May 20, 2016
image coreyants congrats babe. I'm jealous that youre done w school and im not, but im so proud of and happy for you. i hope you have the best time in south korea. dont fuck w the north
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can we stop May 17, 2016
talking about coreys drama. ily coreyants but im tired of seeing all the stories about you sucking dick on my blogs pg
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No title May 16, 2016
[5/16/16, 11:26:54 AM] Eli: plus
[5/16/16, 11:27:03 AM] Dev: What's in it for me
[5/16/16, 11:28:53 AM] Eli: dick pics

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okay so May 16, 2016
so it seems like coreyants has all this money and shit to visit all these people, but for some reason he cant come visit me in northern CALIFORNIA, but he can go all the way to canada and SoCal from baltimore.
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