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  1. Tour of my new home
  2. Australia voted yes
  3. thanks
  4. just got an offer for a new job
  5. have a job interview today
  6. Ive been doing some nursing in mental health
  7. It's toms birthday
  8. Going to the dentist tomorrow
  9. Does anyone know
  10. I'm moving into my new house soon
  11. So I was on date with my boyfriend
  12. Anyone want a gift
  13. It's my birthday
  14. Heyy everyone
  15. Just finished putting up the Christmas tree
  16. Finished my first year of university
  17. i got my offical acceptance into university
  18. I finished my final high school exams
  19. gift
  20. Formal/prom
  21. Last day
  22. can't believe
  23. went to a party yesterday
  24. I got my P's yesterday
  25. birthday present from my boyfriend
  26. I had an amazing time in america
  27. loving NYC
  28. going to USA
  29. Girl I used to go to school with
  30. I got glasses
  31. what is your fabourite ride at disneyland CA
  32. last day of summer :(
  33. My photo with The Veronicas
  34. I always think
  35. I don't like the new mail design
  36. Got to meet the Veronicas yesterday
  37. here is a video of my cruise in new zealand
  38. Had a really good valentines day
  39. What is a good present for a guy
  40. 30 unread mail

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Tour of my new home Mar 8, 2018
So I bought my first house in december and finally have majority of my furniture so I thought I would post a tour :)

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Australia voted yes Nov 14, 2017
To legalise same sex marriage!! Best day
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thanks Sep 12, 2017
lovelife for the gift you are soo sweet!
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just got an offer for a new job Sep 4, 2017
soo excited!!
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have a job interview today Aug 24, 2017
I always get so nervous before them
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Ive been doing some nursing in mental health Aug 17, 2017
And I just wanted to remind everyone to ask people if they are ok. 1 in 3 people suffer from mental health issues and if any of you guys need someone to talk to don't be afraid to message me :)
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