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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

I have nothing

20thApr 29, 2021 by Eilish
absolutely nothing to apologize for idk where DBonee is getting this from when he has been on the site for only a year?

I apologized for anything that I did along with Colter and multiple other people in 2017/2018

i am not going to apologize for multis when 70% of the site used them and I am quite literally the only person that gets dragged for using them.

I have nothing to be sorry for. <3


LOL 1 year?
Sent by keefe,Apr 29, 2021
Colter offered me a Stars win for 30 bucks a few months ago. So....
Sent by DBonee,Apr 29, 2021
I do think Colter should be removed from this site ASAP
Sent by smuguy2012,Apr 29, 2021
Sent by rellizuraddixion,Apr 29, 2021
Smuguy2012 you stay thinking about me fatso
Sent by Colter,Apr 29, 2021
I could care less about you cunt
Sent by smuguy2012,Apr 29, 2021

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