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✬ A Hundred Bad Days ✬

2ndJul 27, 2019 by Eilish
for a COMPLETELY honest opinion. I will update like every half hour or so.
If i have completely no idea who you are then i will probably just skip you.

Kelly2722 - We used to really hate each other. but as of lately we have been friends and nothing has gone wrong and you are a very loyal person and i am glad that we are friends because you are highly reliable and a great person :)

Pinkiepie512 - My birthday twin! I do not talk to you much, but from what I have seen you are a really nice genuine person and i like that about you <3

Sameed27 - At one point in time we were very close friends, but in this case the more time that passed the farther apart we became. I have already told you that I do not like certain things about you and you have done the same to me. Idk if the beef is still there, but if you need to know some things I have said or done and if you need to speak to me about something you know my skype and where to reach me.

SharonMaItems - You are a very loyal person. but at times you are VERY fake and you will lie for no reason which I do not really understand. Other than that you are a pretty good person to talk to and be around and when you are actually with me I know you are with me.

CalebDaBoss - I used to and still think you are kinda annoying, but I know that you are actually a very sweet person and that you do not mean to come off as annoying or anything and we are on good terms now so thats good.

EliOrtiz1234 - We just have never liked each other to be honest, we just really do not bond over anything and we do not talk unless it is because we are with mutual friends. I have nothing really against you other than I think you have something against me for no reason, but yeah we just are not friends at all and I have no idea if that will change or not.

CakeLikeEvv - Well we used to be so close it really was hard to pull us away from each other, but unfortunately things happened and things were said and things ended. As of now we had our talk and I would still like to speak to you if you want and you know i am always a text or skype message away if you need something because at the end of the day I will always be there if you are in crisis or need help from me <3

MrBird - A king! You are very loyal and we honestly do not even talk much unless we need something (mostly me) but you are actually super nice and sweet and you ALWAYS help me! I could not ask for a better person to send spam to and actually have them respond LMAO other than that you are so loyal in group games and I love that about you!

Whoa - We only recently met and i literally LOVE you! You are so loyal until the game is over and you are a fan of kpop so that auto puts you high on my list! You are also a member of #Egotistic so clearly I would love you! I hope to talk more in the future <333

JonMcGillis - I do not really know you, but back in the day and now your blogs have always been funny and I always get a good laugh reading the comments you leave on blogs!

Colter - There really is not much left to say but good luck. We will never go back to how we were and honestly I do not even know if we will become friends again without fighting. We are so similar yet we are so different at the same time. I have never said this, but as of now i am happy for what you have going for you, and i mean that. We have been through so much together that I cannot just ignore it. I can say countless times that I will never be there for you, but me and Marisa will always open our home to you (well idk about her, but I will) I think what we need is time away and this time not a day or two I just really think that this time we need to gather and collect our thoughts and how we really feel towards each other to decide whether or not we even need each other in our lives anymore or if it is time to really call it quits because neither of us need the toxicity in our lives rn when things are actually going good for the both of us.

Kiba - I would say that i really like you, but you just do whatever your crush of the week tells you to do. I wish sometimes you would let yourself make the decisions instead of other people because you are just a sheep and no one likes a sheep.

Venice - You are so crazy and sometimes its so refreshing to be around you, but other times you take it so far. I really have enjoyed a lot of the conversations we have had and I wish we had a better relationship than we have at the moment.

MarieTori - Out of your whole friend group I probably like you the most because you are so nice to me personally and I really do appreciate you actually allowing people outside of your friend group to even speak to you and I like you as a person :)

LovelyKiss - We only recently met, but you are such a nice person and very very honest with how you feel from what I could see. I think you are really funny and I hope that we can talk more :)

Jasoi - Idk you at all but you do not like me so there is that

@ybobb - Bobby :) You are a very nice person, but at the same time you are shady as FUCK you are very sarcastic with how you talk and I really do not like that, but other than that you are a pretty cool person to talk to.

TaraG - Unlike majority of the website I actually like you. You have been nothing but nice to me and I really appreciate and enjoy talking to you in castings and especially in other games you are very loyal to me and I like that! I do not think you should get as much hate as you do, but I do not think that you care about it.

Gabrieltrezza - We used to be friends i guess, but you started not liking me after survivor I think and then just after that it seemed like you started hating me or something. i wish we were still friends but it seems as if you really just do not like me for some reason and I would like to know the reason.

mbarnish1 - I feel like you used to be my friend, but then you let people control you and now you just do as they say even if it backstabs someone you are supposed to be friends with. I wish that sometimes you would do what you wanted instead of just listening to people because you are close with them because it just ruins friendships you have with people on the outside.

MarieEve - I have said a lot about you and most of it I dont regret, but I do think you are a nice person, but I think you just rely on people so much that you do not know how to just do anything yourself and it is kind of disappointing to see. Other than that you are a pretty good person and you are pretty funny to be around since you cant speak fluent english LMAO.

Survivor_Season1 - You are one of my closest friends on this site and even though people think you are my multi it does not seem to upset you lmao . You have been loyal for so many years and you know how much I appreciate you. Just like Ronnie you never get on skype so we can actually talk so you better give me your snap or something bitch.

Blitszims - You are one of my favorite people on the site and you will always be! We have always had our up and downs, but we have always been close and I could never imagine not being friends with you <3 You are so honest and honestly and amazing friend that listens to me when i need your help. I appreciate everything you do for me and ilysm <3 Love you to the moon and back babe.

Insanity - I do not really know you, but from the snap group you are really funny and a nice person to other people :)

Campanita - Meli <333 I love you sm! You are always so loyal to me and nothing but nice! I love talking to you in games and I hope our friendship does nothing but grow bigger and bigger <3

garrievans97 - I used to think we were friends, but lately I just do not know where we stand. You are a pretty nice person overall, but we are not very close or anything.

jacksonjoseph99 - I have no idea if we are still friends or not, but you are a really really nice person and so funny on calls. I would love to start talking to you again because besides survivor we have been nothing but friends and I really valued that.

BarbraStreisand - We have not really talked lately, but we are still friends and i do like you! I hope we can start talking more in the future and keep the friendship alive :)

Owen3939 - You have been a really good friend for a while! I am so glad that we are as close as we are and I hope to many many more years of being friends ilysm <3

BigBrotherDonny - We have been friends for a while and i think you are one of the funniest people i have every met! You are a really great person to talk to and you are loyal when I need it the most. Ilysm and I hope we can stay friends because ur amazing xo.


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