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  1. oh im ill.
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6thApr 22, 2019 by Eilish
since everyone is doing one comment for a 100% honest opinion. I would hope you comment if i at least know you a bit, or else i would just say idk you.(Will update once an hour probs)

Delete2544 - We do not really talk anymore so i cannot say anything bad about you and we just lost touch, so nothing really more to say.

DaddyDev - Someone I have recently put a lot of trust to and someone I know will tell me what is on their mind and give me the real truth. I love that you are always honest and I just know one day we will make it to the end in a frooks together.

Guigi - You do not trust me and i cannot blame you, but I do have to make sure people are loyal to me and I never think before I do something, so i am sorry if you felt betrayed by me in hunger, but i was shown info and i acted upon it.

BengalBoy - I like you, but honestly I think you just butt into things that have nothing to do with you and it annoys me a lot. I will be talking to someone and then you chime in and give your opinion on the situation and it is so annoying because every time you do it i do not remember asking you for what you thought lmao.

Thumper91 - I used to hate you and call you every name in the book, but after we started to actually talk we became friends and honestly you are one of the nicest people I have met and i am glad that we are on good terms and i hope that we will continue to be <3

@JetRocks12 - You are still mad over hunger where i shot you out since you did nothing the whole game. I do nothing to you and you still constantly attack me for no reason. It is okay, but i do not expect us to be friends any time soon.

christossss - We just do not like each other anymore. It was over me putting you up for 5th in frooks and after that i am guessing you just cannot let it go so you decide to target me every game. If you wanna talk i am always free to do so, but just remember you started this not me.

boicam77 - What more can i say then that you are a loyal legend and i know if i need help that i can come to you for anything and for that i am glad <3


pretty sure u gave me one of these last week but sure
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lets see
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is this about to be a hate blog for me ? :s scured
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Nothing the whole game????? You literally shot me out @ 20th...
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Hey hey imu
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Me xo
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Me if you will still add to this lol
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