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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

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20thNov 25, 2018 by Eaurea


Sent by maturo,Nov 25, 2018
Not according to the recorded Skype convos I have listened try again and address me as Queen Bitch if you knew me you would know that.
Sent by gagaluv,Nov 26, 2018
Sent by Etienne,Nov 26, 2018
im dead
Sent by Ribbons,Nov 26, 2018
gagaluv, I’ve spoke to admin about Bryce playing stars for me but not on my account. So try later.
Sent by Eaurea,Nov 26, 2018
oh really? I would like to see that conversation Eaurea
Sent by gagaluv,Nov 26, 2018

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