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alright sure fuck it

4thFeb 16, 2017 by DumbGinger
for every, I dont know, how about 30 points, i'll share an interesting fact about me. I go out of my way to share very little on this site so I guess this is really your chance to actually kinda know me.

To start out, some basic info- My name is Nick, i'm 18, and this is what I look like: . Feel free to make a "you're not even ginger :0" joke, you'll be the first and it'll totally be hilarious. Also, if you're wondering, when my hair is down it's ridiculously fucking curly (ask eliserose) and goes down to about my shoulders.

30- I don't walk like other people. If you've been around babies and stuff as they're learning to walk, sometimes youll see them trying to stand on their heels or toes and whatnot. When it happens you just kinda press their feet down and theyll learn to stand normally. My mom kinda forgot the last part, I walk everywhere on the front of my feet. It might sound painful but it isn't. It actually makes me really balanced if anything, which also might sound counter-intuitive. At least it makes me look a bit taller I guess.

60- Going off the last one, because of my really great balance and coordination, I actually believe it or not used to be a bit of a dancer. As recently as about a year or so ago. Nothing serious, not like a passion of mine or anything, but i'd do some ballet and occasionally some latin stuff. Because of the ballet training, I can do some things like walk on the very top of my toes, bend my legs in pretty flexible ways and shit. I can do a lot of things with my feet, like eat or work my ipod when I wanna take some bomb ass pics of myself. I've let my body go though (no im not fat, I just stopped training) because I decided I liked eating 5 plates of Chinese more than I did dancing.

90- I have ADD. Not ADHD (attention defecit hyperactive disorder), just ADD. No hyperactive part. So it's not like you see parodied in cartoons and shit, it's not like im in the middle of a sentence and like see a dog or some shit and bail on whatever I was saying. It's kinda hard to describe. It's like I can't allocate my attention effectively. There are times when I can't concentrate on anything and I just kinda shut down and can't form any cohesive thoughts, and other times when I actually like hyper focus on one thing and it consumes all my thoughts. May not be hard to guess, but one of those things my mind tend to cling to is Survivor. Like it gets obsessive and I can't control it at times. One time I spent all night going through every single player ever and estimating how they'd place if they were to play 3 more times. I'm serious. I'm not throwing myself a pity party, but it can really mess with me. I remember, at the height of things when I was unmedicated, I took the ACT and got like a 28. Later on, on meds, and much better at controlling it, I retook it and got a 32.

120- During the offseason I just go to college, but during the summer, I do have a job- I work at a summer camp, for kids ages 8-15. If I had to say I have one passion in life, it's working with kids. I attended said camp for about 7 years and ive been working there for 2, soon to be 3. Technically it's a Catholic camp, but loosely. We offer a church service to the kids on Sunday but other than that it's really just a normal camp. They don't really care that i'm like hardcore Atheist, as long as im not preaching shit to the kids. The children I take care of I form really close bonds to, and i'm super fucking protective of them. I don't really plan on having kids myself, but I consider them almost like my children. I've helped them through tough times and watched them grow, they mean the world to me.

150- I'm billungual, I can speak Spanish and I really love Mexico and Mexican culture. I've been down to Mexico several times, some just for vacations but other times for volunteering trips. Because of this volunteer organization I belong to, im able to go down occasionally and work in poverty stricken areas with things ranging from helping build houses to delivering supplies to help educate the children. I'm signed up with the Peace Corps and i'll be off to live in Guatemala for about 2 years (it's still up in the air when i'll be leaving, sometime within the next 2 years). I'll actually still have to learn a lot because in addition to Spanish they speak a local dialect, but I can't wait for it. I'll be working in education, helping teach kids about proper safety and health and also help teaching them English.

180- For the past year or so, i've actually been a polyamorist, which is a made up word for dating multiple people at once. It's just never made sense to me to take something like love, a strong and amazing experience, and try to cage it in to only one person. That's so counter intuitive to me. When you love someone it's a truly intimate feeling and that bond is so special and great, it makes sense to me to have more than one. But i'm not trying to convince anyone of anything. I've kinda mellowed out recently to where I don't really give a fuck, i'll do whatever. Hookups, monogamy whatever, I just kinda let whatever happens happen. The concept I guess is a bit weird to explain, if you wanna explore the subject I recommend the book The Ethical Slut, it's a really good read

210- I'm not big on music honestly, I just kinda listen to whatever I guess (if I have to pick a general area, I generally do indie shit), but I love film, literature, and video games. I used to actually review movies for fun, but it's gotten kinda difficult in recent time with my ADD. I've also cut back on reading a lot, same reason, but I like to collect books, and I also love to write. I collect video games, and counting both digital and physical, I have about 340 right now at my house. For funsies, here are some of my favorites:

Music: The White Stripes, First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac, Florence + The Machine, Pink Floyd, David Bowie

TV: Survivor, Amazing Race, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead (even though im not caught up), Arrested Devlopment, Parks & Rec, Star Trek: TNG, and a random assortment of lame reality tv like Kitchen Nightmares or Undercover Boss.

Movies: Boyhood, Wet Hot American Summer, A Clockwork Orange, The Babadook, Les Mis, Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Video Games: The Dark Souls games, Overwatch, Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Punch Out, Fallout, The Sims, and honestly currently my favorite game ever is Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon

Books: The Grapes of Wrath, Clockwork Orange, To Kill a Mockingbird, Frankenstein. Oh and I really love philosophy so a lot of Nietzche's stuff, some dank ass Epicurus, etc. One of my favorite books ever is Godless but I guess you really have to be an Athiest to enjoy it, it's non-fiction.

240- Growing up, I got in a lot of fights. A lot of them were honestly just kinda like for funsies, like me and my pals would just beat the shit out of each other in like a fun way, but I would also get in legit fights too. One of very few examples of this that I look back on and think "Yeah, you go, kid Nick!" was when I was pretty young, idk how old but id guess about maybe 8. I had just moved into a new neighborhood and I was walking my pupper around and this little asshat started being a lil' bag of dicks and squited my dog with a squirt gun. I told the kid to fuck off and he started throwing shit at my lil ol' doggo, so I tackled the kid and wailed on his face, and ended up like actually kinda fucking up his teeth. I have two scars on my right knuckle to this day from it. When I got home I told my mom what I did and she wasn't mad or anything, she just had me take a bath to get the blood off of me, and thus spawned like my favorite childhood picture of me where I sit in a bathtub, with some blood in the water, and me just smiling to the camera and giving a thumbs-up with a still bleeding hand.

270- I play the ukulele, mandolin, and guitar. I'm by no means a pro at any of these, and I'm the fucking worst at reading notes/sheet music and shit. I guess really it's almost more accurate to say I can play specific songs, and I do it mostly by ear. Probably my favorite song to play is Danny's Song by Kenny Loggins. I also really like playing Never Grow Up, Wish You Were Here, and Landslide. I can't play it or anything but straight up my favorite song is probably Steal my Sunshine by Len. I started liking it ironically and now I actually love it. OH and also, i've performed live like one or two times at this local place called the Cesspool with my buddy, and they wanted a name for us so we just called ourselves Bonerfart

300- I've always been a huge animal lover. When I was little I wanted to be a vet, my mom bought me a huge practice kit with like bandages and shit, and I even had one of those long white jackets. I've kinda dropped the dream since then, but i'm still crazy about lil bbys. I have 4 dogs (a fucking bigass doofus labradoodle, an old ass chiwuawua-dauschand, and 2 lil' Maltese twinsies), and I also have a bearded dragon. In the past ive had a shit ton of other dogs, a cat (which my dogs killed =[), guinea pig, birds, and more. Currently I like to volunteer at my local animal shelter, taking care of the poor puppers and kitties. I love it especially since I get to name them a lot of the time. Named a dog Dingus once. Best day ever.

330- I've lived in southern Illinois all my life. Illinois isn't geographically very Southern, but honestly the bottom half of the state is basically just Kentucky. Ask the only other person I know of to be from here, rollingderp. I think anyone who knows me would definitely not call me a "country boy" or anything, but it has influenced me some. I do have an accent at times, I DO love most country music, and I like a lot of outdoorsy stuff.

360- As most of you know, I applied to be on Survivor a bit back, and now that the casting cycle I was in is over, I can talk about it a bit. I did get a call back (well, email back, I don't have a phone whoops) and I made it to the interview stage of the process. We did it via Skype since lack of phone. I'm not supposed to go into specifics about the interview but really it was pretty generic stuff. Tell me about yourself, what aspects do you bring that would help you win, etc. Pretty much stuff you could predict, but then again it was the most basic level of the process so that's to be expected. Didn't make it past that round, and in retrospect im really glad about it. Survivor is my dream and all, but there's no way im at a stage in my life where i'd have a shot. The fact is that 18 year olds really just AREN'T very prepared for something like this, and im no exception. I'll probably apply again once im older, but really i'm not heartbroken if I don't make it on. Also, looking back, I really don't like how my application video turned out. It had some good bits but lacked clear direction and it was really pretty mediocre, im surprised I got the call back at all. It was probably the sexy ass cutoffs I wore.

390- frankly I have like no plan for my life. after I finish my 2 years in the Peace Corps i'm going to travel the world for another year or so an then after that, no clue. If I could choose anything to do with my life, I'd want to be a comedian honestly. I write some stand-up material and jokes for fun, but it's not like i'm nailing it down and saying i'm actually going to try and go for it. Idk. I'd be pretty content with just travelling and doing volunteer work my whole life tbh


you're not even ginger :0
Sent by mattmon3365,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by noah_kondon,Feb 16, 2017
Wait I thought you were made of gingerbread bc your name is Gingey :O
Sent by hugatree343,Feb 16, 2017
Sent by RightToCensor,Feb 16, 2017
If a little shithead squirted my dog with a water gun or threw things at my dog I would go ham too.
Sent by ApplecorAJ,Feb 17, 2017
Did you and your GF break up then? :/
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 17, 2017
um be my friend
your music taste >
Sent by MelloJello,Feb 17, 2017
wow youre rly hot i never knew
Sent by RiDsTeR,Feb 17, 2017
Cornelia Yeah things ended a bit back, pretty mutual
Sent by DumbGinger,Feb 17, 2017
DumbGinger ah that sucks I'm sorry! I remember you got her into Survivor at around the same time I got my boyfriend into it!
Sent by Cornelia,Feb 17, 2017
I'm sending my video in soon. I have done half of it and shooting the rest on Monday!
Sent by JetsRock12,Feb 17, 2017
Sent by Prada,Feb 17, 2017

and i also have an accent when i get angry LOOL
Sent by rollingderp,Feb 17, 2017
I actually remember your casting video for survivor and thought if I were casting I'd give you a call haha
Sent by __A__,Feb 17, 2017

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