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  1. People still use this boring site?
  2. People still use this boring site?
  3. My grandma died
  4. No title
  5. Today is my birthday
  6. Admin lies
  7. I lost my virginity today
  8. Daily Reminder
  9. What the Hell?
  10. Me
  11. Don't forget to use @ to mention a tengager
  12. Love you
  13. I just cracked my phone.
  14. One year on Tengaged
  15. Nun in a cucumber patch
  16. This hoe rigs all blogs for Randomize
  17. Please get a brain, Sent by city
  18. Question
  19. Communism has killed millions though.
  20. Have you ever went though your old blogs
  21. I'm depressed
  22. I'm Brown now
  23. Is there a way to cure Asthma?
  24. 800T$ for some ugly hair?
  25. Imagine spending your Sunday afternoon
  26. Petro prob uses multis
  27. Do you love me
  28. I wonder if Bryce has a life tbh
  29. Just watched the walking dead.
  30. All I wanted for Christmas
  31. Happy Holigays
  32. 11:12 Don't make a wish :(
  33. Idea
  34. Today is my birthday!!!!!!!!
  35. ♥ WhateverTheF


Jul 22, 2018 by Dukeyy

Look at the title >333


I've been blacklisted. Please spread the word. Please start a riot to re-instate my rights by Tengaged birth.
Sent by Philip13,Jul 22, 2018

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