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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

Public service announcement

14thJan 23, 2024 by DripTeejay
This is an endorsement blog for Danteman453pls from one of the greatest frookies players to ever exist
He blindsided runaways (2023 frookies players of the year) and NotNicky333 in the same game. I think he is a diabolical genius, this man sees the vision. lower levels should not be treated like 2nd class on this website ! #FreeTheLowerLevels


He deserves more than 4th place
Sent by Pavaneli,Jan 23, 2024
My fucking GUY.

I had a good feeling about you when I joined that game bro, and you wanna know why that is?? It's bc UR A FUCKIN REAL ONE.

Glad you see the vision, and I'm more than honoured to have you as part of the fight.

Keep it up g, and I'll look forward to taking over one with u soon.

PS Big up urself Pavaneli, real bad man
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 23, 2024
A noob I can support
Sent by PrincessPinklips,Jan 23, 2024
dante man is a great human being
Sent by avenly,Jan 23, 2024
I love him
Sent by Fendimania,Jan 23, 2024
PrincessPinklips avenly fendimania - appreciate the love n support. Never forget TO BIG URSELVES UP!!!! All the love and blessings x
Sent by Danteman453pls,Jan 23, 2024

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